Tommie Lee and Lovely Mimi Fight Karlie Redd

Tommie Lee and Lovely Mimi Fight Karlie Redd


LHHATL 6 is still filming and word is, things got pretty intense between Tommie Lee when she and Lovely Mimi try to attack Karlie Redd!!!

Flip and get the hot tea we’re spilling on Tommie Lee, Lovely Mimi, and Karlie Redd

Tommie Lee and Lovely Mimi Fight Karlie Redd

Lovely Mimi will be making her grand appearance of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on Monday and word is the veteran cast members are NOT FEELING her Asian persuasion!

Lovely Mimi has literally pissed off the veteran members of LHHATL like Joseline Hernandez who went on a TIRADE RANT calling Mimi out and telling her to meet her in the streets!

Meanwhile, Karlie Redd has been sounding off about the newbie cast member, and trust us, Karlie is NOT A FAN! In fact, she one of Mimi’s biggest critics.

Fast forward to the most recent incident that has yet to air. We all know that Tommie Lee has been itching to get her revenge on Karlie for having a thing with Scrap before he got locked up. So what better way to get at Karlie Redd, use Lovely Mimi.

See, here is the tea, LHHATL is still filming according to sources who reported:

“Last night while taping took place for season 6 – Newbie Mimi and Tommie tried to fight karlie Redd while the cameras were rolling inside the Blue Ivory Club in Atlanta. Mimi and Tommie confronted Karlie Redd about the comments she made about Mimi. Of course, things went totally left. It was really messy.”

Tommie Lee and Lovely Mimi Fight Karlie Redd

The insider also revealed:

“They both tried to fight Karlie for calling Mimi a clown, but luckily for Redd security stop it all from going down.”

Tommie was extremely HEATED which is NOT a good look for someone going to anger management conceling, but we get it, Karlie hooked up with her man. That is beat a bitch down RULES, especially after Karlie befriended her last season. Tommie can’t stand the LHHATL gossip girl. She is ready to pounce on that @ss anytime. Karlie NEEDS to start looking over her shoulder.

The source also revealed that “Tommie punching and kicking security last night” especially after security got a bit to rough and “slammed her on stage because they didn’t let her get to Karlie!”

Damn Tommie…is it that serious? Lol ?!

Checkout Tommy claiming that she is NOT trying to go there anymore. She is trying to keep her anger on lock:

Shortly after the melee, Lovely Mimi took to the gram saying:

“What u see is what u get PS im the nicest person u gon meet”

What u see is what u get PS im the nicest person u gon meet

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