Tommie FIRES WARNING SHOTS at Karlie Redd

Tommie threatens Karlie Redd

It appears the love has left for Karlie Redd and Scrapp DeLeon’s girlfriend Tommie Lee because Tommie FIRES WARNING SHOTS at Karlie Redd !!!

Tommie took to social media to FIRE SHOTS filled with THREATS towards Karlie on the flip…

Tommie threatens Karlie Redd

If you remember, On the premiere of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Karlie Redd referred to Tommie Lee as her friend. She even helped her set up her boyfriend, Scrapp Deleon, baby’s mother Tiara.

Well its over and done because Scrapp’s side girl is on one now. She got a little taste of fame (3 episodes) and now she’s attacking Karlie Redd. Things got a little REAL between Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Tommie and Karlie Redd, especially since she advised Redd who is supposedly with Life Jennings to stay away from her man.

Here is what the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta newbie posted:


In case you are wonder who Tommie’s man is, it’s the coporate thuggin, Bay Boss Boxing concert promoter, Ronski Mayfield better known as @Mobetta_Mochedda.


We get it, Ronski is fine and super connected, so Tiara’s nemesis obviously wants the man stealing Karlie Redd far far away from him. There is no info on social media that proves that Karlie and Ronski have had any interaction, but Karen King’s favorite girl for Scrapp DeLeon has proved she’s ratchet hood, so Karlie best beware, she does have a criminal record to back her threats.

What do you think of Tommie firing shots at Karlie Redd? We thought they were friends? We guess it was made for reality TV.

Check out Mobetta: