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Ryan Henry Gives Props to Ceaser Emanuel

Ryan Henry NEVER forgets who put him on. Over the holiday weekend, the 9Mag owner took to the gram to make sure everyone knows how he got here.

Ryan Henry is ALL ABOUT LOYALTY, so don’t get it twisted! Watch how Ryan Henry gives props to Ceaser Emanuel…

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Did Ryan Henry Knock Up Carmelo Anthony's Side Chick

Did Ryan Henry Knock Up Carmelo Anthony’s Side Chick

Earlier this year it was said that Carmelo Anthony’s mistress had also been messing with Lil Durk and Black Ink Chicago star Ryan Henry. It was also said the side chick got knocked up, but the baby was Henry’s.

Well, Ryan Henry has something to say about the tea that got spilled last April…

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Danielle Spills Tea on Ryan Henry and Kat Hooking Up

Danielle Spills Tea on Ryan and Kat Secret Romance

If you’ve been watching Black Ink Chicago, then you’ve seen most of the drama that’s been going on with the crew. However, did you catch bitter ex Danielle spilling the tea on her bestie Kat and ex fling Ryan hooking up?

Danielle is so typical, when things don’t go her way, she always goes there. Danielle can’t keep a secret if her life depended on it and now she’s spilling the tea on Kat and Ryan.  Read on…

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