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Swift on Demand Dating new woman. He's Cardi B's Ex

Who is Cardi B’s Ex-Fling Swift Dating?

Former Love & Hip Hop 7 star Cardi B fell for her producer Swift, but shortly after they hooked up, it RUINED their friendship. The two ending up going their own ways.

Well, Swift On Demand has found himself a hot morsel to replace Cardi B, and get this, she’s an aspiring rapper too. Read on and see who Swift is dating…

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Remember Sexxy Lexxy From LHHNY Season 6

LHHNY6 BBOD, Sexxy Lexxy, Miss Mo Money: Where Are They Now?

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Love & Hip Hop NY 6 cast member and former BBOD rapper Sexxy Lexxy. The last we saw Sexxy and Miss Moe Money was on LHH6. The two fell out that season. They both we solo, but it appears they’re NOT back together, but on speaking terms.

What is up with BBOD’s Sexxy Lexxy  and Miss Moe Money up to these days? Read on and find out…

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Tiffany Pollard Gives Safaree Brain in the Bathroom

Tiffany Pollard Gives Safaree Brain in the Bathroom

If you’ve been watching Scared Famous then you got sucked up into it like we did. We are actually loving it because the cast is AWESOME!

Scared Famous follows known VH1 reality stars around a haunted house and one by one they get killed off, like a scary movie. More like Scary Movie. Anyways, Tiffany Pollard aka New York is making the most of her time in the house with the fellas late at night. Read on to get the tea on what and who Tiffany Pollard has been sleeping with…

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