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K Goddess FIRING SHOTS at Swift on Demand's Ex-Girlfriend

K Goddess FIRING SHOTS at Swift on Demand’s Ex-Girlfriend

On Friday, we revealed that Cardi B’s ex fling Swift on Demand was dating a new female rapper. Now that you know it’s aspiring MC K Goddess, we got some tea to spill.

We were doing some research and it apears that K Goddess is being stalked by Swift on Demands jealous ex, so she FIRED SOME SHOTS. Read on…

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Swift on Demand Dating new woman. He's Cardi B's Ex

Who is Cardi B’s Ex-Fling Swift Dating?

Former Love & Hip Hop 7 star Cardi B fell for her producer Swift, but shortly after they hooked up, it RUINED their friendship. The two ending up going their own ways.

Well, Swift On Demand has found himself a hot morsel to replace Cardi B, and get this, she’s an aspiring rapper too. Read on and see who Swift is dating…

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Cardi B and Offset Expecting First Child Together

Is Cardi B Sporting a Baby Bump

Rumors are in full effect that Cardi B is pregnant by her Migos boyfriend Offset after a video showed a glimpse of a pouch. Some sites are calling early signs of a baby bump.

Cardi and Offset have been said to have been dating since Superbowl after they were spotted cozied up. Now, they’re having a baby? Is Cardi B Sporting a Baby Bump? Read on…

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