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Ryan Henry Gives Props to Ceaser Emanuel

Ryan Henry NEVER forgets who put him on. Over the holiday weekend, the 9Mag owner took to the gram to make sure everyone knows how he got here.

Ryan Henry is ALL ABOUT LOYALTY, so don’t get it twisted! Watch how Ryan Henry gives props to Ceaser Emanuel…

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Ryan Henry Gets Grilled About Smashing Kat Tat

Ryan Henry Grilled About Kat Tat Hookup

Last week we told you that Danielle spilled the tea about Ryan Henry and Kat Tat hooking up last year to Charmaine and Cobra.

Danielle says she could help it, the tea was too juicy and she knows that Charmaine will continue to poke until she gets answers. Read on and watch Ryan Henry getting grilled by Charmaine….

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Sky's Son Genesis Dishes Dirt on Deadbeat Mom

Sky’s Son Genesis BLASTS Her as A Deadbeat Mom

We previously told you that Sky’s son did an interview and said that he said “I don’t need anything from her. I want to know her, but I don’t need anything from it…”

Sky’s 19-year-old son, Genesis Heffner just put her on FULL EXPOSURE! Genesis wants everyone to know his mom Sky is a deadbeat. She admitted it on Black Ink Crew when she was spewing her adoption storyline. Sky left out the part that the courts forced her to do it. Sky also left out how she lied about her sons and then denied them is truly foul. Read on to see what Genesis is saying now about the Black Ink Crew star who’s been out partying and barely wearing any closes.

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