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Who is The Richest Black Ink Crew Chicago Stars

Who Are The Richest Black Ink Crew Chicago Stars?

Have you been wondering who who are the richest Black Ink Crew Chicago stars? After 3 seasons of the 9Mag clan, we have some net worth’s according to annual salaries.

Who do you think is cashing in? Is it 9Mag owner Ryan Henry, Phor Everim, Katrina Jackson, Don Brumfield, Van Johnson, Charmaine Johnise, Danielle Jamison, Ashley Brumfield, Junior Diaz, Cobra (Katherine Fullerton), Liliana Barrios, Neek Bey, or Nikki Nicole? Read on to find out who is Richest Black Ink Crew Chicago star….

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Why Rachel Leigh Attacked Black Ink Chicago Producers

Why Rachel Leigh Attacked Black Ink Chicago Producers

We don’t know how much of the story was false because Ryan Henry took to social media to air his dirty laundry he and Rachel Leigh were trying to hide from cameras!

Ryan’s main lady, Rachel Leigh is claiming that producers made up a fake storyline on Black Ink Crew Chicago. Read on to see what she’s saying…

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Ryan Henry Explains Why He Cheated on Rachel Leigh

Ryan Henry: Why He Cheated on Rachel with Kat Jackson

Black Ink Crew Chicago’s been filled with drama this season. The most interesting is Ryan Henry and Kat Jackson hooking up. Now, Henry explains why he cheated on Rachel with Kat Jackson!

Ryan Henry has been in and on and off relationship with the mother of his child, Rachel Leigh. During their off time, The 9Mag owner got his groove on with Kat, now she’s sprung, and heartbroken. Read on…

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