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Did Ryan Henry Knock Up Carmelo Anthony's Side Chick

Did Ryan Henry Knock Up Carmelo Anthony’s Side Chick

Earlier this year it was said that Carmelo Anthony’s mistress had also been messing with Lil Durk and Black Ink Chicago star Ryan Henry. It was also said the side chick got knocked up, but the baby was Henry’s.

Well, Ryan Henry has something to say about the tea that got spilled last April…

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Ryan Henry and Kat Hook Up in Shower

Ryan Henry Kat Tat Steam Up The Shower

We got some juicy tea about Black Ink Chicago. It seems that Ryan still has a thing for Kat, and he proved it when the two of them got caught in the shower together.

Get the tea we are spilling on Ryan Henry and Kat  Tat of Black Ink Chicago….

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5 Things We Learned From Black Ink Crew BHS

5 Things We Learned From Black Ink Crew BHS

Did you watch Black Ink Crew: Behind the Scenes? If not, no worries we got you on this. Did you want to know more on the cast of Black Ink Crew NY and Chicago?

Well flip this and checkout the 10 things we learned from Black Ink Crew BHS…

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