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Did Ryan Henry Knock Up Carmelo Anthony's Side Chick

Did Ryan Henry Knock Up Carmelo Anthony’s Side Chick

Earlier this year it was said that Carmelo Anthony’s mistress had also been messing with Lil Durk and Black Ink Chicago star Ryan Henry. It was also said the side chick got knocked up, but the baby was Henry’s.

Well, Ryan Henry has something to say about the tea that got spilled last April…

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Ryan Henry Gets Grilled About Smashing Kat Tat

Ryan Henry Grilled About Kat Tat Hookup

Last week we told you that Danielle spilled the tea about Ryan Henry and Kat Tat hooking up last year to Charmaine and Cobra.

Danielle says she could help it, the tea was too juicy and she knows that Charmaine will continue to poke until she gets answers. Read on and watch Ryan Henry getting grilled by Charmaine….

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Why Charmaine Got FIRED From the Radio Station

Why Charmaine Got FIRED From the Radio Station

Charmaine made an ass of herself at the hip hop brunch looking like she strolled in off the street for some food. She was completely unprofessional and trashy!

What you didn’t see on Black Ink Chicago was the moment when Charmaine Johnise¬†walking into the Hip Hop brunch looking like she was trying to get laid. Read on…

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