LHH8 Newbies Feuding: Sophia Body, Kabrina BLAST Dreamdoll


So here is the tea about the newest cast members of Love & Hip Hop 8, which begins on October 30th, 2017. What we are hearing is that Sophia Body, Kabrina and Dreamdoll have already got into it.

Safaree Samuels ex girlfriend Sophia Body, Kabrina BLAST Dreamdoll. Read on and learn why the LHH8 newbies are hating on her…

LHH8 Newbies Feuding: Sophia Body, Kabrina BLAST Dreamdoll

CelebNReality247.com has learned that Dreamdoll is number 17 on iTunes with her album Life In Plastic. But did you know that Dreamdoll is ranked higher that Machine Gun Kelly and Meek Mill?

Tabatha “Dreamdoll” Robinson is a rapper who recently dropped her new album. She is friends with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Alexis Skyy. The 25 year-old former Bad Girls Club star is now joining Love & Hip Hop 8.

Who is Dreamdoll?

She is all about Pink, she has a pink jeep, pink wardrobe and pink Hoverboard and gives a new flare to being a Pink Lady. Dreamdoll just dropped a new album on iTunes called Life In Plastic. Dreamdoll is also part of DJ Self’s Gwinin Team.

Here is what her music sounds like:

“Everything Nice”

What we find interesting is that she sounds just like Cardi B. It seems like the industry is trying to find another Nicki Minaj knock off. Sorry kids there is only one Nicki, one Lil Kim, one Remy Ma and one Foxy Brown. Cardi B is on her way up there.

Are you feeling Dreamdoll?

We know that Sophia Body and Kabrina aren’t feeling her or her music at all. They took to Instagram to let her have it.

Sophie makes it clear that she doesn’t throw shade:

“I don’t throw shade? ..I shed light?”

Here is what Sophia Body and Kabrina posted:

LHH8 Newbies Feuding: Sophia Body, Kabrina BLAST Dreamdoll

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