Sophia Body Gets Smoothie in The Face

Safaree’s Ex Sophia Body Gets Smoothie in The Face


Last night on Love & Hip Hop 8 episode 4 was filled with drama last night. Safaree Samuels ex Sophia Body gets into it with his new girl Dreamdoll. Yeah, they fighting of Safaree y’all!

Sophia Body is getting on everyone’s hit list, especially Dreamdoll. She’s NOT playing with Body since she is Safaree Samuels ex-girlfriend. Read on…

Sophia Body Gets Smoothie in The Face

Safaree Samuels and Sophia Body haven’t been a thing since 2015, but that NEVER stopped her from talking about him and his ex Nicki Minaj.

Back in the day Sophia Body spoke to Vlad TV  about dating Safaree Samuels saying:

“I just want to clarify. Wasn’t trying to discredit Nicki. She’s a great artist. Nor was I trying to say she doesn’t create her own work. I was trying to glorify under credited artist… That’s it. I wish Nicki well, I’m a fan and I’ve never meant anything by it. I get defensive when it comes to people I love.”

In case you didn’t know, she and Safaree met in 2012 in New York but she is regretting every bit of it because he destroyed her good name in the entertainment industry.

Sophia dawgs Safaree stating that he always playing the victim.

“He always tries to play the victim. He’s trying to play the victim and play off his entire career now on how bad Nicki hurt him or how bad she’s treated him. I kind of believed it in the beginning, but now he’s trying to play victim off of what he’s done to me.”

Fast forward to now, Sophia and Dreamdoll are NOT friends in anyway!

When Brittney tries to sit down her friends Dreamdoll and Sophia Body to discuss some personal troubles about her grandmother going in the hospital.

The only problem is things NEVER got there because Dreamdoll and Sophia Body got into a smootie throwing fight and Body was left with berry on her face.


The sad part in all of this is Jaqae, Sophia Body’s boyfriend is completely clueless of her fight with Dreamdoll and beef with MariahLynn. Not to mention her being hugged up with James R filming a love scene for his “Bad Buh” video.

Jaquae lets Sophia Body know how happy he is with their relationship. Poor guy is getting played a fool.

After this, Jaquae was spotted hanging with DJ Self, Grafh and Snoop talking about The James R incident. Jaquae is PISSED at what he is hearing from his boi Grafh. Self and Snoop tell him he needs to check Body.

Graph is the same dude that Yandy was oiling up for his photo shoot when ole Judy Harris walked in trying to cause some mess.

We will see what happens…

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