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    Sky’s Son Genesis BLASTS Her as A Deadbeat Mom

    We previously told you that Sky’s son did an interview and said that he said “I don’t need anything from her. I want to know her, but I don’t need anything from it…”

    Sky’s 19-year-old son, Genesis Heffner just put her on FULL EXPOSURE! Genesis wants everyone to know his mom Sky is a deadbeat. She admitted it on Black Ink Crew when she was spewing her adoption storyline. Sky left out the part that the courts forced her to do it. Sky also left out how she lied about her sons and then denied them is truly foul. Read on to see what Genesis is saying now about the Black Ink Crew star who’s been out partying and barely wearing any closes.

    Genesis Sky

    Genesis is TIRED of the way his estranged mom, Sky treated him, after she was got wrongful information about his charges.

    Her reputation on Black Ink Crew will NEVER be the same – Sky basically told him that she wouldn’t deal with him because she didn’t get the facts on his charges (read above)…

    Here is what Genesis had to say about his mom:

    “The reason my momma told me why she couldn’t write just 1 letter to me like, answer 1 phone call, or even put 1 dollar on my books, if this yo definition who says that shit to they own son.”

    One person who saw Sky’s convo with her son Genesis weighed in on the Black in Crew star and read her for  filth.

    Did JaKeita Days aka Sky think changing her name for TV was going to help keep her dirt secret? What is worse is that Sky tried to act like she and Genesis are cool posting and Instaphoto like they just talked and things are all good with them.


    Sky is trying to manipulated the media into thinking she and her son made up. He says otherwise and has NO reason to lie!

    Here is what one person had to say about Sky’s behavior:

    Sky's Son Genesis Dishes Dirt on The Black Ink Crew Star

    Sky's Son Genesis Dishes Dirt on The Black Ink Crew Star


    Here is what Sky has actually been doing while her son reaches out?

    ????? @deraydavis @ashleycoco_ @karytasantos @tahliadiaz

    A post shared by FlyyyTattedSky (@flyyytattedsky) on

    Misster Ray DRAGS Zell Swag For Filth
    Kirk Frost Doesn't Deserve Rasheeda