Sky Gets DRAGGED by Baby Daddy Big Reese

Sky Gets DRAGGED by Baby Daddy Big Reese


Black Ink Crew star Sky’s high school sweetheart is putting her on BLAST for her fraudulent storyline about her baby daddy and giving up her sons for adoption.

We’ve all seen Sky breaking down on camera with a very compelling story about dealing with the pain of giving up her sons for adoption. She went on national TV stating telling viewers she had to give the kids up for adoption. Now her first baby daddy Big Reese is setting the record straight. Read on…

Sky Gets DRAGGED by Baby Daddy Big Reese has the hot tea being spilled by her baby daddy Big Reese who revealed that Sky didn’t just give up her boys for adoption. He says that Sky lost custody of the boys and was forced to give them up.

Big Reese reveals he met Sky in Durham, NC at Hillside High School. He was 17 and she lied about her age, she was actually 14. Reez clears up the confusion about his involvement with his sons. He states that he was always involved with his sons while he was away in Las Vegas.

Big Reese drops the bomb that Sky, stating that she’s been lying on national TV about her sons and Reese the whole time. He also claims he left Sky after she got pregnant by another man. Reese also claims Genesis and his brother were given to foster parents after Sky lost custody to a couple in Texas.

Reese explains that his parents moved to Vegas so his mom and dad can clean up from crack addiction.

Big Reese Sets The Record Straight on Sky Lying about Her Sons and Baby Daddy:

Here is what he said on ThisIs50:

“I never left like that. Truth of the matter is I left because she had a baby by somebody else. He was 8 months and she got pregnant again. We both went to high school together. We went to Hillside High together in Durham, North Carolina. Her mother asks me, “You know my daughter is 14?” But she told me she was 16 before…

…I’m not sure if I have the whole truth, but she lost custody. She didn’t ever just give the kids up for adoption. She would act like my son was there when I called… The whole time, he was gone…

..In about 2006, and I ended up speaking to people from the town and they told me some things. But she never told the truth. In 2009, she hits me up on MySpace and tells me my son is with a family in Texas. The last time I saw my son was in Durham in about 2003. Me and my mother took him to Virginia to visit my brother in [federal prison].”

The reason why Reese is doing this is that he wants to clear the air about what was said on national TV. Big Reese just wants to tell his story.

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