Sheree Whitfield Blinded By Love; Prison Lover Shocking Crime Revealed

Sheree Whitfield Blinded By Love; Prison Lover Shocking Crime Revealed


We heard NeNe Leakes say that Sheree Whitfield is dating a man who is incarcerated, but when it comes to the crime she say fraud is fraud.

Well, we can now tell you the shocking crime that Sheree Whitfield man did that got him locked up for over 10-years. Read on…

Sheree Whitfield Blinded By Love; Prison Lover Shocking Crime Revealed

If you’ve been watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season then you saw that Sheree Whitfield admitted on the San Francisco trip that her boyfriend she was in love with was behind bars.

Now, has the reason why Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield man Tyrone Gilliams got locked up. Let’s not forget, we told you about Tyrone a year ago, when Sheree was denying she was dating him. She went as far as having her rep state they were only friends after rumors surfaced that they had gotten married this past August.

Here is what NeNe had to say:

Gilliams was found guilty of three counts of securities fraud and wire fraud, according to court documents exclusively obtained by

He was sentenced to 120 months in prison, and also ordered by the judge to pay the entire $5 million back in restitution!

Get this, Gilliams and his attorney Everette L. Scott Jr., were convicted of concocting a scheme to defraud their victims. They told their victims that they were investing monies in the “Treasury Strips Program,” but the two criminals “misappropriated the vast majority of the money.”

Sheree’s man, who she started dating before he was locked up, egregiously misused the funds, spending it on “his own personal investments and to support his own personal lifestyle,” according to the indictment document.

It appears that Sheree and Phadra Parks have one thing in common when it comes to the men they love. Well Phaedra, may no longer be with Apollo, we know somewhere in her twisted heart she still loves Apollo.

Radar also reveals that Whitfield’s boyfriend spent “more than $1 million organizing and sponsoring a festival called ‘Joy to the World,’ a black-tie gala held in three different locations (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the Bahamas). Not only that, he spent “approximately $1.6 million on a gold investment in Ghana,” and “approximately $218,000 to purchase a commercial warehouse in Denver, Colorado.” The only civil thing he spent money on was his childen to attend private elementary school, which cost “at least $25,000″ for their “education.”

Sheree Whitfield Blinded By Love; Prison Lover Shocking Crime Revealed

Sheree is blinded by love, and believes he was innocent.

She told People:

“He’s a good guy and, you know, he supports me. I can talk to him about anything. He’s my best friend.”

Oh Sheree, you have bad taste in men. Please wake up and stop thinking how good the D was! NeNe rescue your friend, she’s being fooled. We don’t want to report Sheree gets conned out of Chateau Sheree by boyfriend.

Let’s be honest ladies, Tyrone is easy on the eyes, so we get why Sheree is in Aww. But his criminal past is a bit too much to handle. A man like Tyrone never seems to go the straight and narrow route, but we will see. She is going to have a lot to deal with especially since he’s gonna be looking to her for financial gain. We’re just keeping it real. He’s hot and he’s looking for a sugar mama. Hopefully Kyro sets his mom right, because she’s looking for trouble with this man.

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