Shah’s Star Lilly Ghalichi Claims Ex-Fiancée Scammed Her

Lilly Ghalichi

When it comes to the beautiful Lilly Ghalichi, who fell for a fame hungry social-climbing fraud in the name of love is speaking out, Shah’s Star Lilly Ghalichi Claims Ex-Fiancée Scammed Her!?! has hot tea that Lilly Ghalichi is spilling about her Ex-Fiancée on the flip…

Lilly Ghalichi Claims Ex-Fiancée Scammed Her

If you recall, Lilly was engaged to Dhar Mann and the jet setting couple appeared to be happily heading toward the altar until things went wrong!

Basically, Lilly Ghalichi learned of Dhar Mann‘s true colors because it was a facade. She recently spoke with her friend Nik Richie, who tried to warn her, but she didn’t listen, on her failed engagement.

Lilly spills the tea on her failed engagement that was called off back in 2014:

“I’m not that great of a judge of people, even though I’m an attorney and am supposed to be an excellent judge of character, I see the best in everyone. I’m so naïve.”

Lilly went on to say he bought her friends affection:

“He bought one a pair of shoes, bought the other one a camera, things like that.”


Dhar then got to Lilly saying he could help expand her business and became a fixture in her life which very quickly turned romantic! She was obviously caught up in the dollar signs in her eyes, but she claims it was the romance.

She revealed that she feel too fast too soon:

“This guy was so sweet, so charming. I literally woke up every day to giant deliveries of roses, love poems, all my favorite foods. It was the most romantic whirlwind.”

Lilly also admitted that he had an obsession with fame but as she had horrible relationships in the past she allowed herself to get swept up in the new romance. After seeing how fame hungry and fake he really was (fake Instagram followers, calling paparazzi and strangely having Instagram captions in his notes so they were ready to go!)

Then, making things worse, Dhar became conveniently broke after they started dating, proving his whole image was fraudulent!

Lilly concludes:

“I truly did get scammed 100%.”

Was Lilly Ghalichi really scammed or was it that he had no money to further he social-climbing ways, so she broke the engagement off?

See there is two sides to this story. He may have been a gold digger in disguise but birds of a feather flock together. Lilly is beautiful and successful, but you attract what you put out there, so maybe Lilly should rethink how she presents herself to men from here on out.

Back in December, Dhar released this statement when someone asked him out he made his fortune. Lilly’s ex-fiancee, who she has exposed for being a fraud, had this to say, confirming what she said was truthful.

dhar mann

Mann writes while standing on a balcony in Dubai:

“Yesterday I had someone ask me how did I become successful? I laughed, thought for a second, then asked: you think I’m successful?”

Then he went into his speech about successful people:

“Successful people don’t spend time thinking about how far they’ve come. They’re so focused on their next goal or next accomplishment that they’re always looking forwards and never looking backwards. They operate as if whatever their next goal is their entire life depends on accomplishing it.”

“Don’t get excited about that check you just got, think about how you can make the next one even bigger. Don’t sweat the workout you just had, think about how next workout you’re going to push yourself even harder.”

“Let your long-term goals fuel today’s decisions and actions. Treat your life like it’s constantly under construction, and before you know it, you’ll already have built the life of your dreams.”

dhar mann dubai

Bottom line, successful people don’t waste all day on social media post nonsense unless its paying them Kylie Jenner money or more. Remember she gets $50,000.00 and upward to 300,000.00 to post.

If you’re NOT making that type of money then you’re wasting your time posting all day on social media.