Ryan Henry and Kat Hook Up in Shower

Ryan Henry Kat Tat Steam Up The Shower


We got some juicy tea about Black Ink Chicago. It seems that Ryan still has a thing for Kat, and he proved it when the two of them got caught in the shower together.

Get the tea we are spilling on Ryan Henry and Kat  Tat of Black Ink Chicago….

Ryan Henry and Kat Hook Up in Shower

CelebNReality247.com has the latest developments from Black Ink Chicago, and apparently Ryan Henry made the moves on Kat during their weekend retreat.

After Ryan and Van squashed their feud boxing it out, the 9Mag family gets their party on. Yes, that means lots of booty grinding, Phor break dancing, Don shirtless giving all the 9Mag ladies lap dances like he’s Magic Mike. Followed by pass outs and hookups.

The most scandalous hookup is Kat and Ryan. When these two get around each other drunk, anything can happen and it did.

When Charmaine finally got to throw up mode, she lunges to the bathroom and all you can hear is Ryan saying:

“If my d–k out, my d–k gonna stay out…!”

Ryan Henry and Kat Hook Up in Shower

Then he asks:

“Kat who is that?”

Ryan Henry and Kat Hook Up in Shower

Kat leaves with a smile and Ryan peaks his head out the shower. He’s on tilt.

Ryan Henry and Kat Hook Up in Shower

We see you Ryan, but we don’t blame Kat Tat one bit, you fine and we’d jump in the shower with you too, even if your d–k is out! LOL!


While the episode aired on Vh1 on Wednesday night, Ryan and his woman were out in Puerto Rico. Before breakup rumors start swirling, Ryan made sure to let fans know that he and his baby mama are good.

He writes:

“We Good…? “Yeah… We Good”…. That’s all that matters then ????”

Ryan Henry and Kat Hook Up in Shower

Where are things with the 9Mag family currently?

Ryan had this to say on social media:

“Shit happens…Family don’t stay family… And we all make mistakes.. I’m human… ?????.. whatchu gone do next is the question .. ??? love you today, hate you tomorrow ?”

As for, Van and him squashing the beef, Ryan sheds some light on the situation:

“This is Chicago… when Shit get thick… throw on the Gloves…no talking needed. It settle all type of shit … at least this part of tonight was genuine ?????… #9mag”

Well keep you posted…

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