Ryan Henry Gets Grilled About Smashing Kat Tat

Ryan Henry Grilled About Kat Tat Hookup


Last week we told you that Danielle spilled the tea about Ryan Henry and Kat Tat hooking up last year to Charmaine and Cobra.

Danielle says she could help it, the tea was too juicy and she knows that Charmaine will continue to poke until she gets answers. Read on and watch Ryan Henry getting grilled by Charmaine….

Ryan Henry Gets Grilled About Smashing Kat Tat

When the 9Mag crew is chillin around the table in the shop, Ryan Henry walks in only to get grilled by Charmaine. Danielle freaks out, but Char is unstoppable.

She starts FIRING question at Ryan Henry about hooking up with Kat Tat, since she learned that is the reason Kat moved to LA. She apparently had feelings for Ryan, but he had feelings for the woman he has 13 years invested.

Ryan Henry looks completely blindsided by Charmaine putting him on the spot. The 9Mag owner claims that he and Kat only kissed. Then he says that it happened before he go back with his baby mama. Who can forget the lake house where the couple steamed up the shower?

Ryan Henry Gets Grilled About Smashing Kat Tat

Danielle knows otherwise and just wants Ryan to own up to smashing and breaking Kat’s heart. He tells Van, Danielle and Charmaine that he had a drunk runin with Kat. Find out how many time though, so it was more that one runin.

Watch how Ryan tries to slide out of the Q&A:

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