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    THOT Roxxi Braxton CLAPS BACK at JuJu with Cam’Ron Photos

    It was announced today that JuJu and Cam’Ron have called it quits after she found out that her Dipset hunk was creeping with a Instagram THOT named Roxxi Braxton.

    Now, Roxxi Braxton is CLAPPING BACK, prooving that she and Cam’Ron have been hooking up for a while. Read on…

    Roxxi Braxton CLAPS BACK with Cam'Ron Photos

    Some women have some nerve but this homewrecker is proud of causing Cam’Ron and JuJu to breakup. The hip hop couple have been together for over a decade, but now its a wrap.

    That hasn’t stopped Roxxi Braxton from post photos of Cam and her hanging out around Harlem.

    Just moments ago, Roxxi happily posted this message about JuJu and Cam’Ron breaking up [above]:

    “?????? be free my nigga be free ?????? free at last free at last ? #killasjujugone #FleesRoxxiHere? ????????? #ITSAWRAPPUTA”

    That’s some cold shhh, but it appears that Roxxxi has no love for JuJu. She posted this yesterday announcing she’s Cam’s new girl:

    “Heres the new girl say what u want thanks @mediatakeoutpage ?????? #FleesRoxxiHere? HEEELLLLOOOOOOOO”

    She added, if they don’t know who I am, “they about to find out!”

    Roxxi Braxton CLAPS BACK with Cam'Ron Photos

    She has no shame in her THOT game, because she’s been telling her followers that she’s been smashing Cam’ron for a long while behind JuJu’s back. What’s worse is that she prides herself as Queen Petty AF!

    She posted this video of herself riding with Cam just the other night with smiles:

    She posted another photo of herself with JuJu’s now ex-Cam’ron saying:

    “Me: should I tell her or you?
    Zaddy: its better if we hold it down even tho we broke up
    Me: ok fleebee but if she get cute
    Flee: can we just have fun?
    Me: heard “JU” #FleesRoxxiHere? #dipset4life??”

    Roxxi Braxton CLAPS BACK with Cam'Ron Photos

    She posted another photo with Cam in black & white:

    Roxxi Braxton CLAPS BACK with Cam'Ron Photos

    It doesn’t stop there, the home-wrecking THOT posted another photo of Cam hugged up with her:

    “Sidewhat? Bae af yall been broke up bestfriends make the best lovers ? #uwasntthere #killasjujugone #FleesRoxxiHere? ? #dipset4life?? ???? Zaddy #camron get me to 100k and I’ll go live ?”

    Roxxi Braxton CLAPS BACK with Cam'Ron Photos

    But the one that is the most foul is this:

    “#FleesRoxxi? ???? ?? I love you flee I always have always will #dipset4life??”

    Roxxi Braxton CLAPS BACK with Cam'Ron Photos

    On Sunday, she was making digs at JuJu’s feet, posting a photo with these words:

    “What in the LL Cool J size is those? big foot u gotta chill ma u had ur run ? #killasjujugone #FleesRoxxiHere? u got the right one ma I got time today ?”

    Roxxi Braxton CLAPS BACK with Cam'Ron Photos

    Back in October she was spotted hugged up to Maino, but earlier in the month she, Cam and SuggaDaddy were spotted together.

    Roxxi writes:

    “They say I always look down in my pics well put someone in front of me to look up to & I will #fleeweekend #dipset4life?? @sugadugga15 @mr_camron”

    Roxxi Braxton CLAPS BACK with Cam'Ron Photos

    Roxxi Braxton CLAPS BACK with Cam'Ron Photos

    She tends to get around, she was also seen with Harlem comedians Tyhem Commodore and Kai Alaska:

    Roxxi Braxton CLAPS BACK with Cam'Ron Photos

    This video she posted explains the type of THOT she is ladies – Keep a hoe like this away from your man, or she be like this chick:

    In the video below, you see a side chick getting smashed by a dude who happens to be her best friends man. When she’s at work her friend is doing her man. Then when the girl gets home, she and her friend hang while dude is happy she’s quite about smashing. Bottom line the scenario = THOT!

    Now can yall please stop asking me why I’m single ??????? #callmecarmensandiego

    A post shared by Roxxi Braxton (@aroxxb) on

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