Rick Ross on King Dillon Home and Crushing on Just Brittney

Rick Ross on Sending King Dillon Home + Crushing on Just Brittney


One thing you may have learned from watching Signed is that Rick Ross, The Dream and Lenny don’t play around. It’s about bringing your A game at all time, “Stay Ready Ain’t Got to Get Ready!”

This week, the contestants were put up against each other and taken out of their comfort zones, and yes a couple rappers said goodbye. Now, Rick Ross is weighing in on Dillion being sent home. There’s more to this, read on…

Rick Ross on King Dillon Home and Crushing on Just Brittney

CelebNReality247.com ended up falling in love with Signed. The show is really good and so much better than, The Voice or American Idol.

It puts wanna bee artists in the frying pan on what you have to do to make it in the music industry. The Dream has proven to be ruthless with his artists, but thats a good thing.

Lenny is really coorporate about the whole process. The Roc Nation rep is looking for that right artist to direct where hip hip can go. He is thinking about the whole package and the $$$$ he and Roc Nation can make if the right individual is selected. It’s all about appeal, hits and radio savvy tracks.

Lastly, Rick Ross, The Bawse, he’s a bit different, he’s selective and already knows who and what he wants. Though, he’s been crushing on Just Brittney all season.

Check out SIGNED below:

Is that a good thing? NO, business and pleasure NEVER mixes well. This is a issue Rosay said before, on how he would never sign a female artist because all he wants to do is sleep with them?

Well, it’s been obvious Ross would mind a little tenderloin or sumthing sumthing from Just Brittney, but she’s all about her business. Ross is all good, but she wants to be the Princess of Maybach. If she does become that we hope that she never had to use the couch as a means to getting the job.

See, Rick likes Just Brittney a bit too much, and when he learned that she and King Dillon had a love for each other, he kinda became a hater. This week, Ross had Dillon Battle Nilly and King won.

Then, Dillon faced off with Ren for an EPIC Slaughter and he left with his head down. Before Dillon started he acted defeated because Ren is undefeated.

Watch the EPIC Slaughter of Dillon:

“When you win, lose or draw, you hold your head up. Never quit, homie.”

He said goodbye to Brittney and she felt Rosay purposely sabotaged him because she and King had something going on. She stated that he won’t be able to keep them apart.

Rick Ross explained why he felt like it was time for Dillon’s departure from the show, and showing Brittney special treatment:

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