Richard Duncan Back Peddles on Black Women Remark

Richard Duncan Back Peddles on Black Women Remark


It appears Ignorance is bliss! Black Ink Crew’s Richard Duncan, better know as O’Sh-t caught himself back peddling on a remark he said about black women after a “ex friend” of his wife Nikki popped up. She claims that

Get the latest tea on Richard Duncan‘s most ignorant stunt to date…

Richard Duncan Back Peddles on Black Women Remark

Richard Duncan is lovable, cute and very fertile because every-time he’s with a new woman he knocks them up. You’d think he’d learn from his mistakes but apparently not.

Then just got word of some more stupidity from Duncan that just has us shaking out head asking, “what are you thinking man?”

Richard Duncan really NEEDS to wake up and realize he is his own worst enemy causing drama, more heartache and using others to help him get well. He NEEDS to find that within himself, and like Ceasar said rehab is a good choice, but O’Shit is stubborn as f—-!

Last week a woman, named Deanna, you know the one Nikki said she didn’t know then called out her name while getting in the car with Duncan. Anyways, the woman aired Nikki’s dirty laundry has a pattern of abandoning her children. She only claims she has one, but the woman claims she has two boys with two different men.

While she was giving Richard information on Nikki, he texted her and she immediately came to the shop and attacked the woman on sight, pregnant and all. Then, Richard walked up on her and threw water on her.

Since then, the Black Ink Crew cast member has been dealing with a lot of backlash on social media, so he FIRED SHOTS at Black Women. Apparently Richard doesn’t know when to STFDSU! Black women have been firing back since!

Here is what he said over the weekend, after the incident aired:

Richard Duncan Back Peddles on Black Women Remark

It din’t sit well with anyone, so, O’Sh-t realized that maybe he should back peddle and apologize for his ignorant comments:

“My bad if people feel offended by my actions but I am gonna just focus on what I have been. Which is doing what’s best for my family in real life. I will be stepping away from this social media for awhile and focusing on my family and business ventures. God bless you and your families.”

He posted this meme:

Richard Duncan Back Peddles on Black Women Remark

Ladies do you accept?

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