Ray J and Princess Love Dog Locked in Closest Suffering Seizures

Ray J and Princess Love Dog Locked in Closest Suffering Seizures


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood newlyweds did something stupid and irresponsible! Ray J and Princess Love went on vacay and left their dog’s home while construction was going on in the house.

Putting the dog’s in a kennel or Doggy hotel would have been saver, OMG! what was Ray J and Princess Love thinking? Read on…

Ray J and Princess Love Dog Locked in Closest Suffering Seizures

CelebNReality247.com loves dogs so this pisses us off a bit. Here is what we just learned about Ray J and Princess Love’s dog.

Humane society and PETA did you hear about this?

First, Ray J and Princess Love‘s dog almost died after being left in a closet for days without food or water. WTF?

Princess Love and her “all about me” husband went on vacay while the couple was renovating their home. It was a trip to celebrate their anniversary/her bday.

When they got home, they found one of their Maltese dogs unconscious in the closet.

Sorry, but that is neglect on their part no matter how you spin the story or point fingers. They are the parents to that dog and they should have put her in a doggy hotel where the two Malteses would be safe, feed and looked after.

NOT left in a home with construction workers. You have to move all your furniture out and can’t be in the home during construction, so if its not safe for humans, its not safe for dogs.

The worst part in all this is that they want to have kids, but Ray J hasn’t told his wife he’s shooting blanks? Selfish people don’t deserve a baby if they can’t take care of a dog. And no we’re NOT talking about Princess.

Ray J and Princess Love Dog Locked in Closest Suffering Seizures

Wait until you hear this load of crap, because the poor dog now has to suffer:

“Construction workers told them they put Coco in the closet while they were doing work in the room, and just forgot to let her out.

RJ and PL say when they found Coco she was having seizures. They rushed her to the vet, where she was treated for 4 days. They shelled out more than $5k in vet bills.

We’re told Coco suffered permanent organ damage and has to undergo kidney treatment for the rest of her life. Ray and Princess are considering their next move.

RJ and PL have sent the construction company the bill, but they say that’s only part of what they’re out,” according to TMZ.

Ray J and Princess Love Dog Locked in Closest Suffering Seizures

Who do you blame? Construction workers or the owners of the dog? The owners because this could have been prevented if Coco was taken to a doggy hotel.

We are so upset by this you have no idea. Sorry Princess, but if you love your dog’s like you claim then they should have been staying at one of these locations in your area, so Coco would have had to suffer. This is you and Ray’s fault. It’s called neglect! You two might want to hold off on having a baby until you learn how to be more like parents to the dogs. Enjoy each other and jetset around for awhile. And maybe give your dog’s to a family who will care for them properly when away.


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