Petty Porsha Getting Blasted For ‘Admitting To Lying’ About Kandi

Petty Porsha Getting Blasted For ‘Admitting To Lying’ About Kandi


This whole season of Real Housewives of Atlanta Petty Porsha Williams has been lying about Kandi Burruss after Porsha went in for a kiss and wanted to have a three-some with Kandi and Todd!!!

Like most liars do, Petty Porsha flipped the story to make is sound like Kandi Burruss and Todd allegedly drugged her so they could take her down to a “sex dungeon.” Well, it was all reveal Sunday, and Petty Porsha looks a fool. Read more…

Petty Porsha Getting Blasted For ‘Admitting To Lying’ About Kandi

Petty Porsha thought she coud stroll up to dinner with the girls in Maui like all was good. First off Porsha wasn’t invited, she was Phaedra Parks plus one.

And like most ungrateful types, Petty Porsha brought her plus one to the Maui getaway. We thought she was 100% tacky for all of it, but it didn’t stop there.

Once she sat down at the table she brought all the dirt up and Kandi Burruss was ready to set it off and stick a Hawaii gas lamp up Porsha’s @ss!

Take a look as Porsha Williams finally admits to Kandi Burruss that she LIED on RHOA:

Kandi vs Porsha Tea:

It didn’t take long for Petty Porsha to feel the wrath of angry RHOA fans after Sunday’s shocking episode. After Porsha previously got eviscerated by Kandi and threatened with a lawsuit over those sex dungeon drugging allegations.

After things went left at the dinner with Porsha, Phaedra decided that she would have a “Restoration Service” so they could hash out their issues.

basically it was a hash it out session as Kandi read Petty Porsha for filth! Then, Porsha admitted that the reason why she blasted Kandi and her husband Todd (who she said was cheating under the alias Marvin) was because Kandi told Sheree that she slept with her baby daddy Block.

Block is, of course, the father of Kandi’s daughter Riley.

Porsha said during the “restoration”:

“When you take low blows and say something about me, I’m going to say something about you.”

Did Kandi lie? NOPE! All this proves is that Porsha Williams is spiteful and petty!

Bottom line, Porsha admitted to making the sex-dungeon, drugging, and lesbian rumors completely up!

Twitter weighed n saying:

“So Porsha lied?!?! Not surprised for someone who “acts” so dumb. #RHOA”

“All you Porsha supporters are quiet af now. She just admitted she lied. Y’all were delusional af just like she is. Smh #RHOA”

Who needs a friend like that. Our advice to Kandi, cut Porsha on out of your life. And the same goes for Cynthia, Kenya, and Sheree. Leave Porsha out of the gatherings so she can get the memo. And tell Phaedra her plus one can’t be Porsha. Frick is fine without FAKE FRACK!

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