Peter Gunz Jealous of Tara Wallace New Man

Peter Gunz Jealous of Tara Wallace New Man


After all the BS that Love & Hip Hop star Peter Gunz has put his long-standing baby mama Tara Wallace through, he is now acting jealous?

Peter Gunz has three sons with Tara Wallace, but that doesn’t mean that she wants to be with him. He can’t make up his mind when it comes to she or Amina Butterfly, so the two have been co-parenting. But we all know that men feel that the women who bare their children are their territory. Too bad, because Tara has clearly moved on. Read on for more tea…

Peter Gunz Jealous of Tara Wallace New Man is spilling the tea on Tara Wallace who dating someone other that Peter Gunz and he is now realizing how much of an idiot he is.

After the 35-year-old Tara Wallace of Love and Hip-Hop gave birth to her son Gunner Ethan Pankey last year, she started hitting the gym and shedding the pounds.

Tara Wallace Update and Details:

A source close to Tara spilled some tea on what’s been going on since she lost all that baby fat. Now that she is a new confident woman who sees right through Peter Gunz BS, she is open to meet someone new. And get this, she has already landed a man.

The source says that Tara has already managed to get herself a boyfriend that she picked out of many men ‘flocking to her.’ He is supposedly a very successful businessman.

But Peter Gunz is NOT TOO happy about any of it, now that Tara has a new man smashing those cakes in her life. Word is, Peter has been acting jealous of her new growing relationship, but didn’t he make her look like a sidechick when he married Amina?

Peter Gunz Jealous of Tara Wallace New Man

Peter made Tara look a fool on Love & Hip Hop for four years and she’s apparently done. He is her sons father but that it all. Sorry Peter, you F—ed up and lost a great woman.


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