Peter Gunz Reminds Amina of Anniversary Just After Tara Gives Birth

Tara Wallace Amina Buddafly

This season of Love & Hip Hop 6 has been filled with plenty of drama for Tara and Amina, but Peter Gunz Reminds Amina of Anniversary Just After Tara Gives Birth!!! has the latest dish on Love & hip Hop star Peter Gunz who has been working hard to proof his love for Amina despite Tara Wallace having his third baby….

Peter Gunz Amina Buddafly

Did you see that Peter Gunz Reminds Amina of Anniversary Just After Tara Gives Birth?

Gunz took to social media posting this photo (above) of his wife Amina Buddafly, who has been ready to step out on him after all the drama he has put her through, via

Let us not forget that it was RUMORED that Amina and Gunz married so she could become a citizen before her visa expiered. Since then the Amina and Peter Gunz have starred on Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop New York for the past three seasons. This season happened to be the most between Tara and Amina, but Peter Continues To Profess His Love To Amina.

Mr. Pankey took to Instagram to announce on social media to Amina:

“Do you know what today is? It’s our anniversary.. Love u world@aminabuddafly”

The news comes just 2 days after Tara gives birth to her third child with Peter Gunz!


Meanwhile, Peter posted the anniversary news just a days after his third baby with Tara Wallace open his eyes on February 13 at 1:25am. Tara and Peter welcomed baby Gunner Ethan Pankey, who weighed in at 6lb, 15 oz.

Tara Wallace

Gunner joins his big brothers Jamison, 7 and Kaz, 3, who seem thrilled to have a new sibling and mom and baby seem to be doing great.

Tara said in a statement to Life & Style magazine, “Words can’t express this new love and addition to my family. We are so happy! Jamison and Kaz are excited to have a baby brother! He is just perfect!”

This is Tara’s third child and Peter’s ninth.

Congrats to Tara and Peter.

Unfortunately, some fans have been sounding off on Peter for posted the anniversary post to Amina after Tara gave birth to his third child.

Here are a few posts:

“What a shame that you will post this pic after @iamtarawallace had your baby. Yes! You continue to hurt the ones that love you intentionally! I hope @iamtarawallace finds it in herself to finally be done with you & move on with her life! Let Amina deal with all your cheating ways.. I’m sure if it’s not Tara it will be some other woman! Good Luck! @petergunz174”

While another follower said:

“@petergunz174 your acknowledging this, but nothing about the birth of tour son Gunner. I am not judging, but that seems fucked up. You love who you love.”

Another follower sounded off:

“whoislexisYou’re a piece of work for real. One day Amina is going to come to her senses and leave you right where she found you. And as for Tara, she’s already out the gate.”

The comments didn’t stop there, another follower weighed in saying:

“@petergunz174 new baby born taras emotional I’m sure.. smh u do sum garbage can ass shit!”

And another said:

“And then @aminabuddafly gets mad when we try to tell her because she doesn’t wanna be told what to do but it’s what they present on tv infront of millions and do things like this that makes people attack for what we see and know for ratings in an hour and then on social media but I don’t know….this has been going on too long!”

Peter took to social media just days before Tara gave birth hoping that baby Gunner will erase all his wrongs with her.

Gunz writes:

“I gave the world ammunition to shoot at a queen, and although my apologies may never suffice, I hope that when the doctor lays gunner on your chest he will erase every ugly evil thing said that may have pierced your skin….”

What are your thoughts on Peter Gunz Reminding Amina of Anniversary Just After Tara Gives Birth?

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