More Tea Spilling on Nikki Duncan; She Has A Business?

More Tea Spilling on Nikki Duncan; She Has A Business?


Richard Duncan’s wife is apparently on FULL exposure with everyone and now it’s being alleged that Nikki Duncan is NOT only lying about her past relationships and kids. The internet is claiming that she used O’Sh*t to get on Black Ink Crew to promote herself and business online?!? has come across another rumor about Nikki Duncan that is going to have your head spin around…

More Tea Spilling on Nikki Duncan; She Has A Business?

We just heard another RUMOR about Niekiha Nikki Duncan. Apparently, she is the founder of D. Vio, an interior design and DIY website.

Here is what we came across on Nikki and Richard Duncan’s business outside of Black Ink 113th.

More Tea Spilling on Nikki Duncan; She Has A Business?

“Niekiha (Nikki) Duncan is the owner and founder of D. Vio (not trying to give her any business). Originally from California, Nikki is inspired by beautiful patterns, rustic & industrial detailing and practical, timeless luxury. A dream that was started in partnership with her husband Richard, Nikki knew that her love for interior design and DIY was deeper than just a hobby and wanted to showcase her creativity through textiles, furniture and timeless accents- making interior design more attainable and affordable for all.

Believing that every home should tell the story of the people living in it, D. Vio (not trying to give her any business) is influenced by vintage glamour and modern style. Because a comfortable, functional home is one of the biggest keys to wellbeing and success, Nikki aims to create high-end interior spaces without breaking the bank. Whether she is designing for a newly wed couple, a blended family or a commercial client- Nikki takes time to understand who her clients are and the way they want to live.

Nikki Duncan’s Business Details:

Unrestricted, urban influenced and functional- D. Vio (not trying to give her any business)is proud to mix high-end styling with unique treasures and affordable staples.”

She has this Wixpage with this bullsh!t company with no location, no real prices for services, vague services with broad general descriptions, and she expects to make money off that shyte. $250 to clean your closet and $350 to talk to her for 30 minutes. She charges 350.00 dollars per 30 minutes. How are you a communication graduate with experience in being political in the mayor office of a small town, now you think you are an interior designer in NYC.  NYC the “WORLD’S capital” of designers that graduated from FIT, the New School, PRATT, PARSONS….byotch please!!!!!!

She thinks that VH1 will afford her the clout to sprint pass all of the super talented students and graduate designers working in NYC right now, because she is married to a crusty lipped special education crackhead, that pees blood, and looks like he was at the bottom of the class in special education still awaiting graduation.”

What do you think?

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