O'Sh*t's Wife Nikki Duncan Dirty Laundry Aired

O’Sh*t’s Wife Nikki Duncan Dirty Laundry Aired


On Last night’s episode Nikki Duncan can’t seem to escape her past because her dirty laundry got aired by an ex friend of hers. Nikki aka Niekiha was ready to throw down!

CelebNReality247.com has the tea spilling on Nikki Duncan despite Richard Duncan defending his wife and stating that she saved him. Read on…

O'Sh*t's Wife Nikki Duncan Dirty Laundry Aired

We previously broke the new first that O’Sh*t got married to Nikki last summer, but a lot has surfaced since.

At first, it appeared that she was hiding nothing since she told VH1 about how she met Richard Duncan.

Nikki Duncan said:

“I met Richard when he came out to Oakland. He was guest spotting at a tattoo shop and I went out there with my friend. She’s like a fan or whatever. She wanted to get a tattoo. And I didn’t have anything better to do, so I was like ‘alright, I’m gonna go with y’all.’ I went out there, and he was tattooing, and he was really shy, he didn’t really wanna talk to me. He was kinda like stuck up a little bit, and at that point it was like “Why doesn’t he wanna talk to me?” But then we ended up hitting it off and we dated long distance for a while, so I would come out here to New York, and he would come out to California. We did that for a little bit, and yeah, that’s how it went.”

She explained that she moved out to New York after two months of dating via long distance:

“I would come out here to New York and he would go out to San Francisco, and we would just talk on the phone all the time. I had a pretty stringent job in San Francisco, so I would use up all my vacation time, and I would always come out here all the time. So we probably did the back and forth thing for three or four months.”

That was all good until the cast of Black Ink Crew did a background check on O’Sh*t’s wife.

What is Nikki Duncan hiding?

According to the Black Ink Crew, Nikki has a secret past and another son, she is denying. They confronted her on the boat in Puerto Rico calling her an internet scammer. Everyone questions Nikki about a baby registry she had from 2 years ago. Richard gets pissed. Meanwhile Nikki claims that she has her son Jeremiah. She stats “I don’t need to discuss anything.” She feels that she doesn’t NEED to talk about her other relationship. So, did the Hartford California lie about having another kid?

Check Nikki as she denies everything:

Nikki Duncan’s Past Relationship and Secrets Surfaces:

That is interesting since Brandon Wiley (Nikki’s alleged ex-husband) best friend, Nikki calls Brandon, and has a 3-year-old boy with him. If you noticed, Nikki never mentioned the boy or the husband in her VH1 interview.

During the trip, she got sick, later we find out it was boat sickness, it was morning sickness. During Episode 13, Richard Duncan came face to face with Ceasar about Nikki and what is going on. He told Ceasar that Nikki had Lupus and that she was pregnant with his unborn baby, which is strange because, Nikki said she didn’t want to start another family just yet.

Mrs. Duncan said:

“I don’t know. That’s a good question. I think between the two of us, we have kids. I think we have such a beautiful life, just us two, and we have such a complicated thing going on with the people who are already in our lives from other relationships, so it’s a really big question to say that I think that I would have a family with my husband at some point. I think that I would love to have a real, functioning family dynamic where everybody can be together, and we could live how we were really accustomed to living, but it’s difficult.”

It appears that was a contradiction!

Fast forward to this week, Nikki’s ex-friend Pulled a Pop Up on Black Ink Crew 5 Episode 14:

“She’s just a liar. I was at her baby shower. I babysat them boys Jeremiah and the little one.”

Nikki’s friend called her out for filth and for lying about NOT having a second son with Hercules native, Brandon Wiley. He also played for the Idaho Vandals basketball player before meeting Richard Duncan’s now wife Nikki Duncan.

Black Ink Crew 5 Episode 14 Recap:

Everything came to a head last night on Black Ink Crew when a woman claiming to know Nikki’s secret child comes to the shop. The woman claims to be a friend of her ex-husband Brandon Wiley, and that she used to babysit both of Nikki’s sons. She also says that she was at the baby shower for her second child, but Nikki has a pattern. According to the woman Nikki’s dirty laundry is that she tends to have kids and then bails on being a mom.

That was all good until the cast of Black Ink Crew did a background check on O'Sh*t's wife:

Now it all sounds a bit strange that this woman would strolled into Black Ink in Harlem New York. This means that the “woman” flew all the way to New York from Oakland to EXPOSE Nikki’s dirty doings? This also means that VH1 did some digging themselves and producers had some surprises to throw Nikki’s way and EXPOSE her on reality TV for skipping out on her kids and getting married to O’Sh*t. Reality TV comes with a price. You want to be on reality TV, something Nikki said she NEVER really watched.

That was all good until the cast of Black Ink Crew did a background check on O'Sh*t's wife:

It’s obvious Nikki pursued Richard once she learned he was in the bay area. Richard loves Nikki there is no doubt, but he should know what has conspired in the past so it doesn’t sabotage his future with his wife. But, why did Nikki claim she doesn’t know her’ and then turn around and call her by her name, Deanna?  Watch listen and see:

What do you think about this? Do you think Nikki has more kids than what she is saying? What do you think about her being pregnant by Richard now?

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