Moriah Lee and Shooter Smashing Behind Sierra's Back

Moriah Lee and Shooter Smashing Behind Sierra’s Back


We told you last week it made no sense to have Sierra Gates, Moriah Lee and Shooter on the show if there wasn’t some mess involved. Well guess what, Sierra’s assistant is worshiping Shooter 45 magnum they way he NEEDS!

Flip and get the tea on the new cast Moriah Lee,  Shooter and his wife Sierra Gates. The new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 6 scandal that is about to unfold

Moriah Lee and Shooter Smashing Behind Sierra's Back

Just like Kirk Frost, Rod “Shooter” Gates has himself a side chick and what is worse is that he put her right under his wives nose. The only problem is that Sierra Gates would drown if she was caught out in the rain, ya dig? She is so caught up about being a boss chick like Rasheeda that she is losing her man to a THOT!

Moriah claims:

“Yeah he [Shooter] love what u do for him But he know I’m not doing NUN of that ??”

Yes, Moriah Lee is a THOT for three simple reasons. She has befriended Sierra Gates while sleeping with her husband. Next, she is basically blackmailing Shooter, so he pays her stacks (shoe money aka $10K) to keep her quite. To top that off she tells her friends and women she barely knows that she is sleeping with a married man, like its cool. What’s that spell? THOT!

Moriah Lee and Shooter Smashing Behind Sierra's Back

Here is what Moriah said on LHHATL 6:

“Shooter might be my boss’ husband, but he’s also my side piece. About 12 months ago, we crossed the line.”

Checkout how it played out on LHHATL 6 on Monday night. Messy little homewrecker!

Even tho Moriah a homewrecker ? I still kinda like her ? I don’t know why I just do ??? #LHHATL

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Moriah Lee and Shooter Smashing Behind Sierra's Back

We would almost feel sorry for Sierra, but she is so nasty to everyone she comes in contact with, it’s only seems right. Karma is a bitch and sometime a beaoch NEEDS a reality check! She disrespect Shooter in public, talking mess in front of Karlie Redd and Joc, which was ghetto. That is some no class shhh right there. Sorry but we’re weighing in on Sierra, she NEEDS an Etiquette class on how to act in public and treat people around her.

Sorry she got the boot at 15, but being nasty to everyone because she is still carring the hurt of being rejected by her parents is NOT going to help her. Maybe this scandal will give her a hefty dose of humble pie. if Not, then she’ll just be the bitter scorned woman she is on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 6. Which goes to the old saying “Style or Sumbstance” – Sierra hold neither. #SAD

In case you haven’t seen Sierra’s snobby ways, checkout how she came at Lovely Mimi last week:

Check the video Moriah posted on the gram:

Shhmood ?

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