Moniece Slaughter Wants To Get Teairra In Rehab

Moniece Slaughter Wants To Get Teairra In Rehab


The first mistake that Teairra Mari did this season was when introduced Cisco to her friends. For some reason, Teairra thought Zell Swagg would be supportive of her. NOT! Moniece Slaughter and  Nia Riley legitimately wanted to see Teairra with Cisco, but Zell RUINED to moment.

Moniece Slaughter meets with Cisco Rosado to tell him Teairra Mari is an alcoholic. She, Nia Riley want Cisco to be part of their intervention. Read on…

Moniece Slaughter Wants To Get Teairra In Rehab

Things may have NOT gone well during the meet and greet with Cisco, Zell, Nia and Moniece Slaughter, but she’s worried about Teairra Mari, has learned.

Moniece Slaughter  feels out Cisco to see where he is at with Teairra. The Love & hip Hop NY star reveals they TURNT it up in NYC and LA, but he didn’t know Tee Tee had a drinking problem.  Moniece and Nia Riley feel Mari NEEDS to go into rehab to save her life.

Cisco is completely blind sided by the news and when Moniece questions if he is in love with her. Rosado says he likes her and it’s too soon for all of that. Plus, he was unaware she had such serious problems with alcohol. Will Cisco stick around or will he bail on Teairra Mari?

Check out Cisco’s reaction to Moniece telling him Teairra has a serious drinking problem:

All Teairra wanted was her friends to support her new relationship with a guy she used to crush on. Zell is NOT that guy. The Milan Christopher replacement tells Tee Tee that Cisco is slimy.

This is why Cisco gave Teairra and ultimatum to pick her friends or him. He’s NOT feeling Zell or any of Tee Tee’s crew. Instantly her friends put her on BLAST about her drinking problem. Then, Moniece and Cisco have issues about Rich Dollaz and how Rosado called Mo a bitch back in the day. – They seem to be on the same page  about Rich, but Zell chimes in and talks shit. Cisco get PISSED, but he’s the bigger man, because he leaves before he decides to attack.

Teairra gets upset and instantly turns to the alcohol slurring her words. Moniece says that they’re her own friends that support her. It’s a mess, Teairra NEEDS to put the drink down…this is why her career is zero.


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