Moniece Slaughter Quitting LHHH

Moniece Slaughter

Another day and another Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reality star Moniece Slaughter Quitting LHHH, well that is what Moniece Slaughter is pondering!?!

Find out what has Moniece Slaughter on the fence with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season 3 on the flip…

Moniece Slaughter

Could it be her knight in shinning armor, Rich Dollaz to the rescue to sweep her off her feet or is she tired of the lies being thrown around on the ratchet reality series that’s lost almost OG cast. has learned that “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star Moniece Slaughter has been pretty vocal about the disadvantages that come with being on the hit reality show, but now she’s actually considering to say goodbye to all of it!

If you recall, Moniece Slaughter insinuated on social media and in interviews that she actually believes Rich Dollaz only dated her so he could get another check from the Hollywood show.

And now she feels the romance was just a stunt for Rich, and she feels completely taken advantage of, especially since Rich announced on the Love & Hip Hop 6 reunion that he was heading back to LA to get his girl, Moniece. Rich professed that he was in love with her, but is it a made for reality TV romance?

According to Moniece, Yes, Yes and Yes! In fact, Slaughter has a bone to pick with the powers to be behind the scenes of LHHH, and she is claiming on social media that she’s not getting much out of the deal.

Word is, Moniece is so over everything that she’s actually considering quitting.

Check what she posted in her Instagram:

Moniece Slaughter Moniece Slaughter

Remember this moment between Moniece and Rich Dollaz on LHHH 3:

Photo: Instagram/Moniece Slaughter