Misster Ray DRAGS Zell Swag For Filth

Misster Ray DRAGS Zell Swag For Filth


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood may no longer have a gay love triangle, instead it has a messy girl named Misster Ray and a no BS stylist named Zell Swag.

These two obviously have no love for one another and in Weho, these two are apparently fighting on and off screen. Yeeeeeaaaas, Misster Ray is a messy one. Read on to see what she just did on social media. #GURLNoMorePlease…

Misster Ray DRAGS Zell Swag For Filth

CelebNReality247.com has more tea spilling, but this time its Misster Ray trying to DRAG Zell Swag for filth on social media.

Misster Ray took to the gram throwing some major SHADE at Zell Swag. Ray is calling Zell “a dusty dirty scamming bum.”

The voluptuous boy with the blonde tips who looks like he just got busted eating cookies out of the cookie jar, is ruthless.

He continues to attack by saying that Zell “lives out of a black hefty bag and bounce from sofa to sofa.”

Last week, we told you Masika Kalysha verbally attacked her former friend Teairra Mari on the gram for being a FRAUD and now this. The Mean Girls are in FULL EFFECT.

Masika has another one of her minions on the gram going after Zell Swag. Misster Ray has dropped below the belt and gotten real dirty. Since she knows that Zell will kick her ass, Rayshia has decided to spread filth on Zell.

Besides calling Lazell nobody and a baboon, he also revealed that Zell’s “boyfriend” has been dealing with transsexual escorts in Santa Monica. Then, he took it there by tagging Fetty Wap in all the mess. Like he wants to be bothered or is going to do anything about it.

Let’s not forget, he denied he was the daddy for a minute. Plus, he and Masika co-parent. Anything regarding his daughter is up to Mean Girl Masika, who is being petty to create a storyline for herself.

Read what Miss Ray posted on the gram:

Misster Ray DRAGS Zell Swag For Filth Misster Ray DRAGS Zell Swag For Filth

Messy girls make us nauseated.

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