Miko Grimes Reads Baller Wives Fan for Filth

Miko Grimes Reads Baller Wives Fan for Filth


They say birds of a feather flock together, which makes sense that Miko Grimes and Stacey Chambers are the two angry birds of the series!

They are trying their hardest to make people see Kijafa Vick is foul, fake and phony. The only problem is that Kijafa isn’t any of those things, because Stacey Chambers and Miko Grimes are proving to be all of that! Read on…

Miko Grimes Reads Baller Wives Fan for Filth

CelebNReality247.com already told you that Stacey and Miko were reading the Baller Wives on and off camera.

Now, Miko Grimes is attacking Baller Wives  fans with her switch blade of a mouth. She reads a follower after he told her that she was old, ugly and looked like a dog.

It was a bit harsh, but Miko unleashed on him! And can we say she has one hell of a sailor’s mouth. Damn girl settle the f— down!

Before you go any further, Miko wants everyone to know:

“I am a brutally soft woman. Proceed with caution.”

Miko FIRED A series of SHOTS at the Baller Wives fan calling him a queen!

Way to attack the gay community Miko, don’t you know that is a good portion of your audience besides housewives?

Here is what she said:

“Bitch STFU! I’m the oldest bitch on the show and if u say I LOOK IT, ur a hating ass lying ass bitch! Period! Fuck outta here!”

She continued her assault:

“A man from a BLOCKED PAGE is talking shit. Saying i wish i was that bad bodied, i went to Thailand to get skinny, rottweiler faced, dry wig wearing, valtrex pill popping, nigga aint never home bc he got a bitch he REALLY in love with, black ring around the eyes ass bitch Kijafa! ??? #EnjoyTheProjects ?????”

Grimes didn’t stop there:

“It’s You’re* u ignorant queen! ???Go suck a dick after u take a grammar class! When “grandma” looks better than your friend it appears i have struck a nerve, so…..?????”

Miko then told Stacey to BLOCK him:

“Block that punk! He just tagged me on dog face page!”

Of course Stacey Chimed in saying:

“Eat my shit with hot sauce you dick face!!!!!”

DAAAMN, that is foul. Thoughts?

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