Memphitz Wishes Misfortune on K Michelle

Memphitz Wishes Misfortune on K Michelle


We all know that Memphitz Wright and K Michelle will NEVER be friends no matter how many years pass. The two left on bad terms and to this day stay on bad terms.

Now, K Michelle did something to piss off her ex Memphitz so much, that he just wished her some hateful ill will…

Memphitz Wishes Misfortune on K Michelle has just caught wind that K.Michelle was caught lurkingon Memphitz Snapchat so he FIRED SHOTS!

Memphitz has nothing nice to say about K Michelle, especially after he caught her trolling his page. Memphitz Wright quickly BLASTED her saying:

“Why are you following my friends that you don’t know at all? You called Bossip with that fake story too, huh? Why don’t you just go and DIE!”

Checkout what he wrote on his feed once he realized that K Michelle was lurking on his time line [photo via FameolousEnt]:

Memphitz Wishes Misfortune on K Michelle


Bottom line is the Wright hates K Michele especially when she is trying to befriend his friends to get information on him.

Apparently he is Pissed TF Off at K?


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