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    Meet LHHATL 6 Newbies Sierra Gates, Moriah, Shooter and Treasure

    Tonight we got to meet 3 outta 4 new cast members of the LHHATL 6 Newbies. The first is Sierra Gates, a salon owner, Moriah is her assistant, Shooter her husband, and Treasure, the Houston newbie.

    Flip and meet the next set of LHHATL 6 Newbies…

    Meet LHHATL 6 Newbies Sierra Gates, Moriah, Shooter and Treasure has your next round of Newbies of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 6 with Sierra Gates, Moriah Lee, Rod “Shooter” Gates, and Treasure Price.

    We feel there is way more to these LHHATL 6 newbies story lines than what we saw tonight. Right now it was just an introduction, but something has to pop or they all a waste of screen time. Right now we are NOT fans of Sierra. Moriah is annoying and Treasure is trifling. We didn’t see Shooter, yet, but he’s hot! We’re just a bit tired of all the strippers on the show. What happened to the music aspect?

    Who are the LHHATL 6 Newbies?

    Despite he bougie attitude and uppity ways looking down at anyone trying to be themselves, we find Sierra Gates to be annoying.

    Sierra Gates:

    Sierra, 25, may be noted as the beauty guru of one of Atlanta’s most popular cosmetic parlor’s The Glam Shop, but this celebrity makeup artist didn’t develop her empire overnight. Her clientele consists D-listers like Zonnique, Toya Wright (Marriage Boot Camp), Reginae Carter, Mz. Shyneka, Ming Lee, Perez, Shod Santiago, Tokyo and Dayy Bella. We checked and none of them have anything substantial on IMDB. It’s fine, hopefully one of them gets a break.

    Sierra spoke to Rolling Out about growing up and how she became a business owner after her mom and dad threw her out for getting pregnant at the age of 15. She kept the baby and she is a mom to her daughter. We give her props for making something of herself, but she is such a snob on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 6. We find her irrelevant and boring.

    Meet LHHATL 6 Newbies Sierra Gates, Moriah, Shooter and Treasure

    LHHATL 6 Newbies addition no. 2 is Moriah Lee.

    She has been the trusted assistant to Sierra at The Glam Shop for several years. Moriah’s devotion and marketing skills grabbed the attention of Sierra and her husband, and it wasn’t long before Moriah became The Glam Shop’s marketing assistant.

    Basically Moriah is a THOT, she prides herslef on sleeping with a married man and taking the money he gives her. Lee is a straight up hoe for that. Girl, Bye! She’s the type of girl you watch out for and if she calls your man, its time to rip the lace out of her head.

    Meet LHHATL 6 Newbies Sierra Gates, Moriah, Shooter and Treasure

    Treasure Price:

    The next LHHATL 6 Newbies cast addition is Moriah’s friend Tresure Price [THOT no 2] – Tonight we learned that she too is dating a married man. She is another former stripper turned reality TV star. She said that she know who Dime is, but she doesn’t officially know her. Price rubbed Tommie Lee the wrong way. Treasure is a Houston native who moved to Atlanta to become a radio DJ. Huh? There is a thing called communications degree to become a radio DJ, maybe she hasn’t herd of it? What is she going to do sleep her way into the station. Another new cast member with no morals. has anyone noticed that Mona Scott-Young loves to hire strippers? What happened to the artist aspect? It’s called Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, not Love and Strippers.

    Meet LHHATL 6 Newbies Sierra Gates, Moriah, Shooter and Treasure

    Rod “Shooter” Gates:

    We have yet to meet is Sierra Gate’s husband, Rod “Shooter” Gates. The sexy ATL hunk, Rod “Shooter” Gates is a Grady baby through and through. He grew up in some of the toughest neighborhoods in Atlanta and got his nickname, Shooter, because of his skill winning money from shooting dice in the streets. Gates has always had an ear for good music and started working with artists such as Young Thug and Cash Out.

    Something tells us that the man Moriah is sleeping with may possibly be Shooter. There has to be an angle and a reason why she is on the show. We will see how this plays out, but if our hunch is right Sierra is in for betrayal by her “trusted’ THOT friend Moriah Lee, the girl Rod told his wife to hire in the shop. Isn’t that the old trick, put your side chick right under your wives nose?

    What do you think?

    LHHATL 6 Ep 4: THOTS, Plot Twists + New Friendships
    Who Are The Richest Black Ink Crew Stars