Meet The Black Ink Chicago Newbies

Meet The Black Ink Chicago 3 Newbies


Black Ink Chicago 3 Newbies are spicing things up with some sexy new cast members. Ryan is cleaning house, Charmaine has a new man and Phor has a girlfriend.

Ryan Henry is trimming the fat with some hot new cast members! First to be cut, well, by the looks of everything, it’s Van and Danielle, but we will have to see for sure. Instead, lets checkout the Black Ink Chicago 3 Newbies

Meet The Black Ink Chicago Newbies has learned that Phor has taken things to the next level with his psycho girlfriend and ex friend of Kat’s, Nikki Nicole.

Returning to Black Ink Chicago 3 is Ryan Henry, Charmaine Johnise, Bishop Don, Phor, Cobra Kat, Kat, Danielle, Van Johnson, Ashley, and Junior Black.

Now, Meet The Black Ink Chicago 3 Newbies:

1. Nikki Nicole:

Nikki Nicole is joining the cast of Black Ink Chicago 3 and TURNING SHHHHT UP! She’s a loose canon ready to go off at the drop of a hat. The 23-year-old believes her relationship is strong with a solid foundation and she doesn’t think reality TV will break them apart. Boy is she stupid!  Anyways, we can expect a ton of drama from Nikki, because it appears she has trust issues, jealousy, and anger management problems. Yeah, she’s a gem, but a pretty one.  Obviously, Phor likes crazy chicks. We feel this relationship will be one season worth watching. Oh yeah, and by the end of BIC Season 3 it will be adios Nikki, unless Phor likes drama from a crazy chick who can control her emotions.

2. Neek Bay:

Next, is Neek Bay, a 26-year-old from New Jersey. He is Charmaine’s man, but he claims that he is chill. The humble New Jersey native says that he is only doing reality TV to support his new girlfriend Charmaine. He wants people to see thier relationship and how good things are going for the two of them. He’s family-oriented and humbled through life experiences and with Charmaine by his side, he cannot live without her. He has a television so clearly the man saw what went down with Don and Charmaine in the bathroom. But he is NOT going to slut shame her. Everyone has a past, she was single, Don was allegedly single at the time, so what.

OMG, has Neek watched Black Ink Chicago and what goes down on the series? Man, Neek Bay is in for the ride of his life, we hope that he and Charmaine last the season. We will see.

3. Lilliana Varios

Lilliana Varios is the third newbie to join Black Ink Chicago 3. She is a Mexican-America who grew up in Chicago. She says she works hard because she saw how he parents worked hard for everything. She works because she is very independant and doesn’t want a man to say he did everything for her. She tattoos a lot of female strippers. Guy get ink from her but for all the wrong reasons. She says that Ryan Henry offered her a job so she accepted. He parents told her to keep her guard up at all times. She says that she is focused and continues to grind.

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