Malaysia Calls Bonnie-Jill Evelyn and Shaunie's Minion

Malaysia Calls Bonnie-Jill Evelyn and Shaunie’s Minion


Before Saniy’yah’s Luncheon Malaysia and Saniy’yah are spotted in the Larchmont area of Los Angeles walking down the street talking about Palm Springs.

That’s when Malaysia calls out Bonnie-Jill for being a minion. Read on…

Malaysia Calls Bonnie-Jill Evelyn and Shaunie's Minion has this report on Malaysia who made sure to befriend Saniy’yah and land herself and invite to the luncheon.

Malaysia plans to confront the old b-tches about Palm Springs once again. It’s NOT like we haven’t heard it over and over. On their walk Malaysia fills Saniy’yah in all the post-Palm Spring drama.

Pargo goes on to declares she won’t go anywhere she is not “celebrated, nor tolerated.” When it come to Bonnie-Jill confronting her at the painting date with Jackie Christie, Malaysia feels that BJ was crossing the line telling her she was wrong to bring Brandi.

Take a look at Bonnie-Jill just trying to tell Malaysia that she was wrong. Of course she doesn’t want to hear it. BJ give Malaysia her news and she is pissed to be told that she was wrong:

As always, Jackie stayed quite and found herself in the middle of the mess. Malaysia is one of those women who NEVER gets the memo. She continues to spin her story to sound in the right, but if you’ve been watching then you’d see how wrong she is. We have proof that she was a ‘plus one.’

Saniy’yah tries to get a word in to tell her that she wants to have a get together for the ladies to address their differences. She invites Malaysia, but knows that she is going to attack the issues head on. But as we all saw, the luncheon was a disaster with Malaysia causing mess and Jackie trying to fight.

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