Lyrica Anderson, Moniece Slaughter Fighting

Lyrica Anderson, Moniece Slaughter Fighting


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars Lyrica Anderson, Moniece Slaughter Caught Verbally Fighting on Twitter!

This season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Moniece Slaughter has been on one, she has been hell bent on the attack for her “TRUTH” with her co-stars. She’s become a Masika Kalaysha minion and doesn’t realize how foolish she looks. Anyways, Moniece decided to threaten Lyrica Anderson, and that was the wrong move. Read on…

Lyrica Anderson isn’t hearing Moniece Slaughter! The sweetheart of the series was HOODready for Moniece after she threatened to beat her up.

Moniece Slaughter, who has been stirring the pot for ratings and storyline, is now claiming she’s trying to stay away from the negativity. Huh?

Here is what happened on LHHH3:

Slaughter claims that she has decided to walk away before things escalated more, but it was too late because Lyrica Anderson Bentley took to Twitter where they shared their thoughts and did some exposing.

Lyrica has put Moniece on FULL EXPOSURE for FILTH since she is basically BEGGED her to film scenes with her last season. Anderson also puts Moniece on BLAST because she also BEGGED A1 Bentley to work with her.

Check Lyrica Anderson, Moniece Slaughter Fight on Twitter:

Lyrica Anderson, Moniece Slaughter Fighting

Of course, Moniece doesn’t like being called a FRAUD since her daddy is a former member of the 90s group Take 6. Yes, her daddy was in a boy band, and it appears she has the talent, but she’s caught up in drama more than working on music.

Moniece unleashed a series of tweets saying that she can out sing Lyrica and can do so WITHOUT auto-tune.

She FIRED OFF one shot stating that Lyrica is “Number one on her hit list.”

Lyrica Anderson, Moniece Slaughter Fighting

The drama continued with a series of threats and more on twitter, below:

Lyrica Anderson, Moniece Slaughter Fighting

Moniece FIRED BACK saying a whole lot:

Lyrica Anderson, Moniece Slaughter Fighting

That’s all good but what about making a hit record or song even?

Now, Lyrica has done that! What has Moniece done?

Moniece has a beautiful voice, but she continues to do stupid shhhh for relevance on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. #SMH

Take a look at the tweets:

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