Love & Hip Hop 7 Ep 10: Rich Dollaz and Cisco Makeup

Love & Hip Hop 7 Ep 10: Rich Dollaz and Cisco Makeup; MariahLynn + Major Galore Fight


This week on Love & Hip Hop 7 Ep 10 we got to see Rich Dollaz and Cisco’s friendships have an emotional breakthrough. Meanwhile, MariahLynn and Major Galore fight!!!

Get the recap of Love & Hip Hop 7 Ep 10 where Rich Dollaz and Cisco Makeup; MariahLynn + Major Galore fight

Love & Hip Hop 7 Ep 10: Rich Dollaz and Cisco Makeup; MariahLynn + Major Galore Fight has the latest developements from Love & Hip Hop 7 Ep 10 and what went down between the New Yorkers.

First up, Rich Dollaz and Cisco finally meet up after season 6, which was filled with backstabbing, revenge and betrayal. Rich was ready to sign off on Creep Squad member Francisco Rosado aka Cisco until Peter Gunz gave him the 411. Cisco has been on self destruct mode since he’s been having a hard time dealing with his mother being ill. He told Gunz that his moms was dying and he couldn’t handle it. Richie D decided to reach out to Cisco to make amends.

Rich cries out, “I can’t let you drown me Cisco…I can’t keep letting you drown me!”

The two brothers hash it out in a very emotional moment that has Rich breaking down in tears over his friend.


2. Across town Snoop and J. Adrienne sit down and rehash what happened at the Gorgeous Gangsta showcase. J. Adrienne doesn’t get that the relationship is OVER and Snoop no longer wants to work with her. Snoop tells her that it was completely unprofessional the way she acted, but who didn’t see J. Adrienne had a hidden agenda to get back with Snoop. The sad thing is J. Adrienne signed up for LHH7 only to look like a straight up fool on national TV. Poor thing.

3. Speaking about fools, Drewski meets up with Juelz Santana and Cam’ron to discuss his relationship. Drewski explains that he set up his girl Sky, placing video camera to catch her snooping in his phone. Instead of taking Juelz advice to speak with her he decides to be petty. Drewski posts a video of Sky snooping on Instagram, making her look like a fool to his fans. She is pissed with his childish ways and ends up walking out on him.

Too bad, Drewski didn’t list to Juelz Santana and Cam’ron when then told him “happy wife, happy life.”

Drewski is obviously too young minded to get a clue. Sad. His plan backfires…

4. Moving on to more drama, MariahLynn is stuck on petty when it comes to her temper. The Puerto Rican hot head continues to be ready to jump when it comes to her Gwinin label mate Major Galore. To add fuel to the fire, Major Galore listens to Cisco, when he tells her about giving MariahLynn money to fill her frig. Cisco once again proves that he is the villain this season. He states that he has no allegiance to Self. Major Galore believes everything he tells her and she uses it as ammunition to feud with DJ Self’s girl.

During the Gwinin showcase MariahLynn and Major Galore get into a fight and come off like ungrateful and ratchet artists. Self is forced to have a sit down to work this out or they can hit the street and keep it moving. He is tired of Mariah and Major beefing instead of trying to make music and advance their careers. DJ Self is frustrated with the way the showcase went down. The meeting gets off to a rocky start, with Mariahlynn hurling a drink at Major, payback for the latter doing at the showcase. Self gets caught in the melee,so he puts his foot down and forces the two to behave long enough to air out their grievances. Once he finds out that Cisco is behind the feud, the three realize that they’ve all been manipulated by Cisco. The Gwinnin Entertainment team is now on a mission to ruin Cisco!

5. As for Yandy and the bitter baby mama drama, Click here to get the tea…

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