Lil Mo Husband Admits to Cheating On “Couples Court”

Lil Mo Husband Admits to Cheating On “Couples Court”


Love & Hip Hop 8 newbie cast Lil Mo confronted her boxing hunk husband Karl Dargen about cheating, but he went into full denial mode.

Lil Mo didn’t believe him and asked Karl Dargen to take a lie detectors test, but he told her if he does it, he’ll always know that she NEVER trusted him. Read on for the tea spilling…

Lil Mo Husband Admits to Cheating On “Couples Court”

Things went left when Lil Mo learned that her 8-year-old son was upset reading that his dad is said to be cheating on the blogs, reports.

Lil Mo is just trying to keep her family together, and trust her man despite all the things being said on social media. The problem is that it’s taking a toll on her emotionally, and by the discovery of her son learning about the mess, you can see he’s unhappy if his daddy is cheating on his mom.

Watch Mo and her son talk about the things being said about his dad Karl Dargan cheating:

Fast forward to now, Lil Mo and Karl Dargan can currently be seen on “Couples Court” where he is heard saying that “He never actually planned on getting married!”

What the? Why did this man say yes to Mo?

We feel sorry for his son, who loves his mom and dad together. You can see the cheating stories are bothering him.

Lil Mo Husband Admits to Cheating On “Couples Court”

Lil Mo and her husband, Karl Dargan will appear on “Couples Court With The Cutlers” to address her husband allegedly cheating on her.

The “Love & Hip Hop 8” stars won’t be done just yet, because next week Mo’s husband will be given a lie detector test.

Mo said of her husband’s rumored cheating ways:

“I’ll just ask him, straight up, ‘what’s going on?'”

She adds:

“It got to the point where somebody said they [were] pregnant by him…well where’s this baby at?”

Lil Mo Husband Admits to Cheating On “Couples Court”

The “Superwoman” songstress, who wasted no time putting the unidentified woman on blast:

“I said, ‘Well, you should have got some money if you were allegedly with him, whatever the case may be, because you ain’t getting a dime from me.”

Lil Mo Husband Admits to Cheating On “Couples Court”

Lil’ Mo continued:

“You ain’t go no Facetime calls. You ain’t got ya’ll laid up in the bed — because you know that’s what they do now. You close your eyes for two seconds, you all over — the, ‘He fell asleep in this thang!’ Yeah, okay. Alright. If you can get him, you can have him — but be sure you can handle these bills because it ain’t even him you gotta deal with. You gotta deal with all of us.”

Check it:

Watch the FULL episode:

The two-part episode of the court show aired Nov. 20 and 21.

We guess Marriage Boot Camp is their next stop?

Photo: Brian Stukes/Getty Images/Instagram

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