Omarion + Apryl Jones Call It Quits

LHHH Omarion + Apryl Jones Call It Quits

Former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple who overcame the obstacles of reality TV, Omarion’s mother didn’t last the test of time. Now LHHH Omarion + Apryl Jones Call It Quits. O issues statement to stay out of their business!!!

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LHHH Omarion + Apryl  Jones Call It Quits has the latest drama that has gone down between Omarion + Apryl Jones who have made headlines after SPLITTING!

Well we didn’t see this one coming. The only “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” couple that didn’t make us cringe has called it quits! The relationship is OVER between Omarion & Apryl Jones.

It was all good just a week ago when Apryl posted up this super cute pic of her long time boyfriend and singer Omarion with their daughter A’mei:

LHHH Omarion + Apryl  Jones Call It Quits

Now, the twosome just dropped the bomb that they’re ending their relationship. Whet?! Apryl gave a short and sweet notice to the world tweeting:

On Monday Apryl dropped the bomb on Twitter (July 11, 2016) with a Tweet/Delete which reads:

“Single…the end….”

Then, Jones followed the tweet with a Snapchat video saying the breakup wasn’t due to her recently tweeting All Lives Matter.

So why are Omarion and Apryl ending their relationship?

Apryl said it’s because the former king of the original #EggplantFriday hasn’t given her a ring.

Wait…hold up? This is over a ring? Has O’s mother started meddling again? Was Apryl’s desire to be a singer be a conflict of interest?

Who knows, but O wants everyone to stay out of their business. He posted the statement below saying he wants his privacy:


The now former couple have two kids together, son Megaa and daughter A’mei.

How sad. Thoughts?

What do you think caused the split? Do you think Apryl has been pushing O into giving her a ring? She is the mother of his children? Maybe the couple should have talked about getting married before having kids?

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