LHHATL 5 Rod Bullock Mug Shots & Past Revealed

LHHATL 6 Rod Bullock Mug Shots & Past Revealed


Who is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 guest star Rod Bullock? Well what we learned from the series is that he is Mimi Faust ex, he served 9 months in jail from money laundering, and he’s a con artist.

Well CelebNReality247.com has the “Dirty Laundry” on Rod Bullock

LHHATL 5 Rod Bullock Mug Shots & Past Revealed

According to Rod Bullock’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta bio, he started in the music industry placing records on various artist’s albums including: R Kelly, K.Michelle, Fabolous, and Lil Wayne.

Rod was also a key player who helped jump-start Yung Joc career, bringing his musical talents to light. He is currently managing three time Grammy nominated producer, singer, songwriter, Rico Law A.K.A. Louis Gold, and R&B Superstar Mishon.

Despite his credentials, Rod is going to be exploited as an ex con and the shady ex-boyfriend of Mimi Faust, who has popped up with an intriguing new love life and some secrets to share.

Now for some of his dirty laundry. Rod Bullock joined the new season of LHHATL5, but he has a history of assault, with two priors on his record.

LHHATL 5 Rod Bullock Mug Shots & Past Revealed

Rod has a history with police arrests. He has a couple mugshots. Rod has 7 mug shots in total, dating from 2006 through 2009, according to empire boo boo kitty and @VH1iNFO, who first posted the mug shots.

Rod is currently the boyfriend of Jasmine Washington, who stunned viewers last week by revealing that she allegedly had a baby wth Kirk Frost. Karlie spilled the tea that Rod had recently been released from federal prison.

LHHATL 5 Rod Bullock Mug Shots & Past Revealed

Rod Bullock’s Music and Criminal History:

Rod is an Indianapolis native and Grammy nominated Producer. His Net Worth is $125,000. According to empire boo boo kitty, who got the info on his most recent criminal charge, Bullock was serving time for battery charges since 2009. Yes apparently he beat somebody’s ass and served 8 years for it.

In addition, there are also smaller charges connected to his sentence and like we said he’s been in and out of jail for a minute. He said on LHHATL 6 that he recently served 9 months behind bars, the time that Jasmine cheated with Kirk.

We are NOT sure how true that is, but what we’ve searched out via various sources, is that Rod 2006 arrest for assault & battery resulted in 12 months probation and 40 hours of community service, along with a monthly probation fee. On LHHATL 6 Rod says that he only served 9 months behind bars and in that time Jasmine cheated on him with Kirk Frost. For more details on Rod’s legal documents click here…

Since the new season started, Rod weighed in last week, but then went radio silent:

LHHATL 5 Rod Bullock Mug Shots & Past Revealed


Despite Bullock’s history, he’s been a good man to Jasmine. Rod is still with her despite the fact she had a baby with Kirk Frost while he was at the resort. According to reports, Rodney will also be on several episodes and according to his contract. We got word that he will be earning $5,000 per episode.

Despite all the tea being spilled on Rod Bullock, we think he’s hot. He could definitely get it!

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