Johnathan CALLS Bianca B a Chapiadora; B Attacks

Johnathan CALLS Bianca B a Chapiadora; B Attacks


What you missed on Love & Hip Hop 8 last night was the lead up to Bianca and Johnathan facing off in front of Yandy Smith.

K Michelle’s side kick and makeup artist, Johnathan has moved on to Love & Hip Hop 8 proving to be the messy queen of the series. The only thing is the gay caddy thing doesn’t work so well for the New York series, so it’s part of the “What you didn’t see.” It’s juicy though, read on to see Bianca B ready to fight yet again…

Johnathan CALLS Bianca B a Chapiadora has the latest of Johnathan, who had a sit down with Yandy Smith, Bianca B’s manager.

Now that the Yandy Smith, Joyce Harris drama has been laid to rest, she has a new storyline, her problems with Bianca B. Yandy is heard telling Johnathan that she’s NOT working with Bianca, she a problem, she doesn’t respect the business and that everyone warned her not to take her on.

Apparently, she sees the light and wants to drop Bianca B as a client because she just takes the money and then doesn’t put the work in.

That is when Johnathan weighs in calling Bianca B a Chapiadora.

What is a Chapiadora?

Johnathan explains:

“A Chapiadora is a person who clings on and uses you for your resources, your money and leaves you for dead.”

Then, Johnathan tells Yandy that Bianca is out there saying:

“How can Yandy manage me, when she wants to be a bigger celebrity than her?”

Check it:

Later, Yandy meets with Bianca B to get to the bottom of things, but B is taken back when Johnathan pops up and admits he’s the one spilling the tea on her.

It only takes 3 seconds before B jumps out of her seat and goes into attack mode.


This girl NEVER learns to dust it off, she’s always ready to pop off!

During the Check Yourself Season 8 Episode 5, Yandy and Johnathan take jabs at Bianca B.

Johnathan and Yandy go in on her having yet another temper tantrum:


If you’re NOT feeling this season of LHHNY, no worries Love & Hip Hop Miami is coming in January:

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