Blac Chyna vs Kylie Jenner

Kris Jenner Plans To Reinvent Blac Chyna; Kylie is FURIOUS


Family insiders claim Kris Jenner is desperately trying to transform Blac Chyna, into the perfect Kardashian, but over Kylie Jenner’s dead body!!!

Kylie Jenner is NOT having it and Blac Chyna best beware because Kylie will not sleep until she gets rid of her…Find out why…

Blac Chyna vs Kylie Jenner

It was said that Kris Jenner is desperately trying to transform her future daughter-in-law, Blac Chyna, into the perfect Kardashian, but that now seems to be out the window.

Originally Star Magazine said Kris Jenner has a new motto Keep your friends close but your son’s troubled baby mama closer.

The momanger had plans for Chyna despite her daughter Kylie Jenner’s hate for her. An insider admits:

“She’s trying to improve Blac Chyna’s unrefined image and turn her into a social-media mogul like her daughters.”

“Kris is definitely embarrassed by her,” a “But Chyna isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so Kris is doing her absolute best to turn her into a lady that’s worthy of the family name.”

Chyna better watch her back with Kris Jenner because in the photo above that woman doesn’t mean her any well being. Have you seen Sleeping with the Enemy? She’s the Monster In Law from Hell!

Despite what Kris Jenner thinks, Chyna posted this photo to prove she’s Kardashian worthy posing like Kim in a selfie.

Blac Chyna vs Kylie Jenner

Isn’t it funny that Kim has gone from sextape to teen idol to trashy milf since she married Kanye West. Side note: Has Kanye made Kim become a trash model that has to pose nude on covers to sell magazines?

If you think about it, Chyna being a former stripper is no different than Kim because they both sold their bodies for money. Chyna teased men as a stripper dancing to make it rain while Kim had Ray J blow her back out on video to get fame. So What’s the difference, because Kylie teases sex with selfies on Instagram which is one step away from being a stripper?

Is it all hitting too close to home for Kylie and her mom Kris? Calling the Kettle black

Keeping up with the Kardashians reality star Kylie Jenner continues to FIRE SHOTS at Rob’s 28-year-old stripper and pregnant fiancée, Blac Chyna. Talk about a shotgun wedding. As Rob Kardashian, 29, readies to become a dad, his 18-year-old plastic princess sister, Kylie is clearly not having any of it! has learned that Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna may have reignited their social media feud once again.

Chyna posted a throwback photo of her wearing a stars and stripes bathing suit a few weeks ago.

Blac Chyna vs Kylie Jenner

Chyna and Jenner, who had been feuding with each other over Tyga, were thought to have come to peace after the model’s hook-up with Rob Kardashian.

Untrue, Radar Online reported that the two are still hitting back at each other and the feud may not be over.

Jenner and Chyna’s Instagram posts have given out several hints about the beef still ongoing, despite the latter’s romance with Rob Kardashian. Kylie Jenner saw Blac Chyna’s bathing suit post and took it one step further. Jenner reportedly saw Chyna’s post and shared a photo of her wearing nude colored sleek swimwear.

Blac Chyna vs Kylie Jenner

The feud is stupid and Kylie has no room to speak because she’s hooked up with Chyna’s ex, a guy who had to get a high school girl because women his age don’t want to deal with his boy ways. Guys like Tyga only go for young girls because its a control thing and when Tyga realized he couldn’t control Kylie it was over. She dumped him. She’s the bigger name, and the worst part of it is that she has no talent, except looks, and those fade.

In an earlier report, Radar Online said Chyna and Rob Kardashian recently got their own spin-off show. Jenner, who has been working toward getting her own show, is reportedly not happy for the new couple.

Blac Chyna vs Kylie Jenner

Despite it all Blac Chyna is WINNING since she said she was going to OWN the Kardashian name. OWNING the Kardashian is only part of it, Angela Renee White aka Blac Chyna will OWN the EMPIRE since Rob Kardashian is the only male to carry on the name.

TMZ reported:

Chyna filed legal docs laying claim to the name “Angela Renee Kardashian” … cornering the market for entertainment services, television and movie appearances, living as a “social media celebrity,” and party hosting

That is what’s killing Kris, Kylie, and her sisters.

Photo: Instagram

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