Kirk Frost Son Ty Checks His Dad 'STOP MESSING Up'

Kirk Frost Son Ty Checks His Dad ‘STOP MESSING UP’


Kirk Frost forgets that when you are a parent you are a role model to your kids, so cheating on your wife is NOT a good role model. It teaches them disrespect for marriage. Ty weighs in on his dad!

Get the latest on Kirk Frost trying to tell his kids that they might have another sibling by a side chick…

Kirk Frost Son Ty Checks His Dad 'STOP MESSING Up'

Kirk ends up telling his kids about Jasmine Washington saying that she got pregnant by Kirk Frost and she is raising his child alone.

Kirk finally decided to walk into the lions den and speak to Rasheeda. See Kirk learned that there is another rumor swirling that he also slept with Rod’s other woman, Keanna. Kirk is denying all of it, so he goes to tell Rasheeda. He claims that they’re schemers. He want to figure out a way to move forward and to keep their family together and NOT separate. Ra says that she needs more time. Kirk’s failed attempt to speak with Rasheeda about his wrong doings, Ra’s mom Mrs Shirlene weighed in on him. She tells him to get a divorce.


What you didn’t see is when Kirk decided to tell his kids about his infidelity!

His daughter and son are dumbfounded by the news and wants to know what their dad is going to do? They also want to know if they have another sibling.

Kirk tells the kids that he was out with Tango and things got a little crazy, that is when his son weighed in and tells his father to hold it down.

Ky Frost, [the son that a man alleges he’s his gay lover], tells his dad:

“You gotta hold it down, you can’t keep messing up the family.” he reinstated “Hold it down and stop messing up!”

Kirk Frost Son Ty Checks His Dad 'STOP MESSING Up'

Kirk says that he’s been trying to talk with Rasheeda and work it out but she is not hearing him. He goes on to say that he is NOT trying to separate. He wants Rasheeda to know that he will not do it again. But isn’t that the same shhh he said before.

Apparently all this happened because Rasheeda wasn’t putting out in the bedroom. She was being a boss chick, traveling and getting her business off the ground, so Kirk strayed and found himself a side chick. She served him while Rasheeda was trying to make a better life, but let’s be real if you’re to involved with work, your marriage will end up suffering.

Maybe Rasheeda needs to spice things up in the bedroom for Kirk so he stops staying. Ladies take note, make sure your man gets the sex he needs or he will go somewhere else. Straight, gay, bi whatever, men always need sex, we’re animalistic like that. Ladies if you can’t keep up with his libido, then expect him to get it somewhere else. And don’t be mad about it.

If you look at this from both sides, they’re both wrong. More so, Kirk for not keeping to his vow of marriage “until death do us part.” This is the second time via LHHATL that he’s proven to the world he strays. Rasheeda should understand leopard spots never change.

Check Kirk talking to his kids:

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