Rasheeda Back at it; Kirk Frost Missing Family Life

Rasheeda Back at it; Kirk Frost Missing Family Life


It’s a few months since we saw Rasheeda and Kirk Frost finally call it quits on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 6. Now, Rasheeda is moving forward doing what makes her happy, while Kirk is silently suffering.

The couple decided to split after Kirk Frost infidelity was an utter humiliating slap in her face. See what Frost has been doing. Read on…

Rasheeda Back at it; Kirk Frost Missing Family Life

CelebNReality247.com has the latest on Kirk Frost who appears to be missing his wife and his family. While other sites are saying their back together, Rasheeda’s estranged husband is doing what ever he can to get back in her good graces.

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost are high school sweethearts who got married and had kids, but these two have been through their ups and downs. The two have seem to overcome cheating, and the trials tribulations of marriage for years, but last years drama with Jasmine Washington was the final line crossed.

Kirk missing family life now that Rasheeda separated with him.

Mr. Frost has also been posting plenty of throwback snaps of his wife and kids as seen below:

Rasheeda Back at it; Kirk Frost Missing Family Life

Rasheeda Back at it; Kirk Frost Missing Family Life

Rasheeda Back at it; Kirk Frost Missing Family Life

Kirk added this photo writing:

“#tbt #theteam #thegoodolddays #atlanta Eboni,Todd,Bobby,Rob,Rasheeda,me,Rock…. #rip? #antDog”

Rasheeda Back at it; Kirk Frost Missing Family Life

Kirk is even missing his Rasheeda’s mom back when the fam was together:

#tb ? #Bikelifenow ?

A post shared by Kirk (@frost117) on

Yeah he’s going through it!

What is all for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Despite all of the cheating drama – Kirk reportedly impregnated and financially supported a dancer named Jasmine and she is not content to keep quiet about any of it. The problem is many felt that Jasmine was paid to say it was Kirk’s baby. While others claim that Mr. & Mrs. Frost needed the money and the storyline for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. We don’t believe any of those rumors – Kirk cheated and Rasheeda was humiliated. Marriage is NOT one of those things you put in jeopardy for TV no matter how thirst you are for a storyline.

While Kirk is on the outside looking in at his life without Rasheeda on the other side of his bed, the two remain friends and separated. The Divorce papers are NOT signed. Kirk gave everything to Rasheeda because he knew he was wrong.

The two continue to co-parent, and Kirk is still supporting his ex-wife since she’s back doing what she loves, performing.

The purported proof is on social media.

?? #showtime #backatit no matter what’s going on it’s in the #dna #mybubblegum

A post shared by Kirk (@frost117) on

Rasheeda reposted with this caption:

“RP from @frost117 …… it’s nothing like that energy from the crowd. It always gives me life!!! #mybubblegum”

#lit ?#backatit

A post shared by Kirk (@frost117) on

We know that Kirk is a sexual beast, since his main complaint was she wasn’t giving it up so he looked else where.

Our Thoughts on why Kirk strayed on Rasheeda:

Is that Rasheeda’s fault? Yes and no. Women need to know, if you want to keep your man you need to basically be his freak in the sheets. If not the man will look else where. Men are physical ladies and if you have a hunk like Kirk, you better know he NEEDS sex, sex and more sex.

If you want him to obey, give him sex. Want him to empty the garbage, clean house and respect your marriage give him sex. That is what drew Rasheeda to Kirk. Its why she feel in love with him and had his babies. Why do couples forget sex helps keep the relationship going. Without it you’re just friends, and yes 9 times out of 10 the man will stray. Rasheeda NEEDS to become Kirk’s video vixen in bed and TURN IT UP! He looks like great sex and if she get back with him, then Rasheeda NEEDS to give up the P.

Should Rasheeda take back the only man she’s ever loved? Will Kirk change? Do you think Frost will finally respect his wife and marriage?

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