Kim Kardashian Cashes In with Brilliant Fake Pregnancy Scare

Kim Kardashian Cashes with Brilliant Fake Pregnancy Scare

Did you fall for Kim Kardashian acting like she had a pregnancy scare? Well just like her E! wedding Kim Kardashian Cashes In Brilliant Fake Pregnancy Scare!!!

Find out the details on what we learned about Kim Kardashian on the flip…

Kim Kardashian Cashes with Brilliant Fake Pregnancy Scare

Unlike any of the women on Love & Hip Hop, Kim Kardashian is brilliant at making believe anything she posts on social media and it’s sad.

Don’t believe the hype! has learned that the 35-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star acted like she might be expecting her third child with Kanye West. She conveniently had four pregnancy tests from Clearblue, the e.p.t and First Response (in case one was inconclusive).

Kim claims:

“I’m legit in the airplane bathroom about and I’m going to take a pregnancy test because I’m having a little bit of a scare. So, no big deal.”

Are you, Kim? Are you legit?

She continued with a sigh of relief, it really was “no big deal.”

She posted a photo of her Clearblue digital pregnancy test read “Not Pregnant” confirmed it.

Kim and Kanye are the proud parents of daughter North West, 2, and son Saint West, 5 months. Both of Kim’s pregnancies came with complications, and even conceiving a second child proved difficult. But let us not forget, Kim was trying to hide her pregnancy as long as possible both times, so why now? Why would Kim reveal she is pregnant on a plane? Was she sick before or did Clearblue set up this whole pregnancy test situation to say, “Look, even Internet sensation Kim Kardashian can get results miles in the sky with the Clearblue E.P.T. test.”

She told E! News in November:

“Every medical issue that you could probably have I feel like I get and I worry so much about it.”

“This pregnancy I have a little bit more anxiety just because I know what’s to come and it’s really inevitable some of the issues that I’m going to have. You know, I have a high-risk delivery and all of that gives me such anxiety.”

Kim makes anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000+ for posting things like this on her Instagram and snapchat.