Kevin Laroy: My Stomach was in Knots About Coming Out

Kevin Laroy: My Stomach was in Knots About Coming Out


Wednesday nights Black Ink Crew episode 15 was a HUGE night for new cast member Kevin Laroy who decided to come out on national TV.

Kevin Laroy weighs in on his feelings about coming out on Black Ink Crew…

Kevin Laroy: My Stomach was in Knots About Coming Out feels that it was a very bold and brave move that took everyone by surprise, mainly Young Bae and Donna.

We had a feeling that there was something up, but when Kevin Laroy laughed about Young Bae asking if she was his type. We knew he liked men. It’s ¬†a tell sign when men do that, because its an awkward question. Plus you don’t know how to respond to that.

Besides, now that the episode if over, Kevin Laroy no longer has to worry about his sexual preference. Kevin is a man, who just happens to like men. No big deal America, it’s time to accept everyone. What we all do in our bedrooms shouldn’t matter who we are on the street, at work, in school, or where ever.

Here is what Kevin Laroy had to say about watching the episode:

“Today is definitely a day i will NEVER forget. My stomach has literally been in knots at the idea of the entire world entering into my life but today, after all the love and support i’ve been blessed with i am totally at peace. Tonight’s episode is one that goes down in my personal history book and if you haven’t already seen it, i suggest you turn to #Vh1 ! I really didn’t wanna get cheesy in this post but i really have to say the best gift you can give yourself is to live your life in truth. STAY BLESSED FOLKS!! ?#KevinLaroyTattoo”

The clip below is Donna asking if Kevin is gay. He replies he doesn’t like labels – He’s just Kevin the tattoo artist aka the¬†babyface killa! Watch:

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