Kendra Wilkinson Baskett FORBIDS Her From Seeing Grandchildren

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett FORBIDS Mom Patti From Seeing Grandkids


Kendra Wilkinson Baskett and her mother are still NOT getting along. Family Therapy apparently didn’t work and now Kendra forbid her from seeing her grandchildren.

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett mother is still trying to make money off her daughter, by penning a tell-all book about her. Read on…

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett FORBIDS Her From Seeing Grandchildren has learned that Kendra Wilkinson Baskett has given her mom an ultimatum. If she writes the tell-all book about her she can NEVER see her grandchildren.

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett, 32, fraught relationship with her estranged parent Patti Wilkinson is NOT getting any better. Things between them are at an all-time low after she announced she planned to write a tell-all book about her daughter.

Kendra and her mom have not gotten along since she started making money from the media by leaking personal info about her daughter. Now, she’s writing a tell-all book about Kendra.

Her mother is ruthless and apparently does understand that Kendra wants her private life, private. Patti continues to try and make money off her daughter’s fame. It’s sad actually. Patti wants to spill all the tea on Kendra’s life in the Playboy Mansion in an episode of ‘Kendra On Top’, which is set to air on Friday.

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett FORBIDS Her From Seeing Grandchildren

Why Kendra Wilkinson Baskett is Against the Tell-All-Book:

Kendra said:

“There’s no coming back. There’s no having a relationship, there’s no having your grandkids. You have a chance to have a real life. You have a chance to have your grandkids back. You have a chance to have a real family.”

This Tell-all-book talk has been going on since 2014, which was the begining of the fallout between them. Kendra has continued to feel betrayed by her mom.

Kendra added:

“The thing you did that hurt me the most is going to social media with our issues. When my mom goes public and goes on social media, sells me out, it feels like a straight-up knife in the back. It hurts.”

She concluded:

“I really didn’t see a way to come back from that because I didn’t know what would be used against me in the future. But I have to be honest. It makes me feel like there goes all the trust.”

If Patti goes through with this book she is BANNED from seeing her grandchildren Alijah, 3, and Hank Baskett, 7.

We say F-it! Let Patti write the book, and then Kendra can follow it  with her own tell-all-book and dispute Patti’s claims. Its a win win if you think about it, because Kendra can EXPOSE Patti for all her dirt in her book.


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