Karen Gravano Calls Drita a "Washed up Coke Whore"

Karen Gravano Calls Drita a “Washed up Coke Whore”


Karen Gravano may have told TMZ that she is over the feud with Lady Boss, Drita D’Avanzo, but her gram post is saying otherwise!!!

We don’t see this feud ending anytime soon after what Karen Gravano just put out there on Drita….

Karen Gravano Calls Drita a "Washed up Coke Whore"

If you watched Mob Wives, then you already know Drita D’Avanzo is NOT going to take kind to being called a “fucking washed up Coke whore bum bitch” by Karen Gravano!

Did you think the hate was made up for TV? Hell nah, Karen Gravano and Drita D’Avanzo have been fighting over one thing. Lee, Karen’s ex guy she dated and Drita’s now husband.

Yeah, its messy, but obviously Lee got the D that has these two ladies fighting to this day. What is worse is now Lee has allegedly jumping into the mix. Isn’t that a parole violation? Shouldn’t he let these two ladies duke it out on their own?

Here is what Karen Gravano just post on the gram about Drita. Oh if Big Ang were still here she would NOT be having any of this!

Karen writes:

“See I told myself I wasn’t going to play this Instagram game with you, f-cking washed up Coke whore bum bitch…. your husband should pick better minions to do his dirty work !!!!!! Resorting to spray painting cars and then sending video to TMZ to try to embarrass me ??let me guess that was supposed to be gangster ??? as if I wasn’t going to expose your dumb wanksta ass.. i’m not even use to this smh Where I come from men don’t send little kids to a womans house to spray paint cars then call themselves gangsta…. and the rat word is getting real old bitch!

The former Mob Wives star BLASTS Drita, letting her know that Lee was visiting her father in Colorado when he was in witness protection. She states he didn’t have a problem back then, but now he does?

“Tell me one person I ever told on in my life!!!! and if you talking about my father your husband didn’t have a problem with it when he was visiting him in Colorado in the witness protection program & living with me in Arizona, so shut your fucking mouth already you sound dumb!!!! You’re the only rat running back to VH1 talking about you scared to work with me cause of my father & writting letter to the network behind my back!!!!”

Gravano continues to call out Drita over the vandalism:

“This car shit is the same way you been moving for years wait till someone’s not looking to do some corny shit…. oh yeah and let me address the fact that you said you would never go to someone’s house to vandalize ???Wasn’t you and your husband running up on a mother in her home last year with her kids their fist fighting…. fucking trash!!!!!”

She concludes:

“Listen like I said you got your little shit off that’s fine…. nobody’s affected by that corny shit but if you were trying to get peoples attention you got it now boo ?…. oh and last but not least you want to put up fucking altered pictures of me talking about being fat bitch have you looked in The Mirror at your neck?? You look like you’re about to ejaculate out the mouth when you speak….. dick neck ? ?? @dritadavanzoladyboss #howbowdah”


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