Joseline Hernandez FIRES WARNING SHOTS at LHHATL 6 Newbies!!!

Joseline Hernandez FIRES WARNING SHOTS at LHHATL 6 Newbies


WARNING! Joseline Hernandez is FURIOUS with the LHHATL newbies!  Stevie J’s baby mama went on a tirade RANT about an incident where one of the new girls crossed the line and she is NOT having it. She says that she know which producers are in her ear and stirring the pot. The Puerto Rican Princess is NO HOLDS BAR! Trust and do believe this RANT is word reading about…

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Joseline Hernandez FIRES WARNING SHOTS at LHHATL 6 Newbies!!! watched Joseline Hernandez live on Instagram going off on Karlie Redd, Tommie Lee, and newbie Lovely Mimi.

One thing these ladies should know; don’t ever cross Joseline, she will get you and it won’t be cute!

The Baddest Puta is going back to her nasty old self now that she has had her baby. She is ready to set it off up in the A!

During Joseline’s live TIRADE RANT on social media she broke her silence and made sure to tell off ALL of her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 6 cast.


She started off saying:

“You bitches better f-cking know, I ain’t neva been no corpse. I’m wide the f-ck awake…wide awake! Y’all hoes still weak, you’ll neva be me. The weakness is REAL! Let the producers keep letting you think you the baddest bitches on the show. The producers are going to get you fucked up. The same producers that are up in ya ear telling you to do this and that are the same muthaf-ckin’ producer who are in my pun nae nae…they don’t know if you coming or going.

Joseline weighs in on the Love & hip Hop Atlanta producers using new and old cast members to cause mess and drama. She breaks it down that her female castmates are basically stupid allowing the LHHATL producers to use them.

She continues to say:

“Once Love And Hip Hop producers are done with you, What you hoes going to do? Where y’all gone to work at? Where ya hoes going to get a job at?

Joseline Hernandez FIRES WARNING SHOTS at LHHATL 6 Newbies!!!

Then she paused while looking out the window snickering. Then Joseline laughs to herself and goes back into it.

“What ya hoes gonna do when you can’t do no Love & Hip Hop?” She reiterates, “What you hoes going to do? Where y’all gone to work at? Where ya hoes going to get a job at?”

What sounds like a RANT is actually Joseline venting about something that happened between her and some of the cast members. The situation obviously rubbed her the wrong way, so she decided to break down the facts. Joseline is a LHHATL veteran. She’s an OG to anyone coming on the show. Watch your step ladies, she can put a word in to have you thrown off the show.

Joseline states and threatens:

“Y’all keep letting the producers tell you to do some muthaf-ckin stupid shit that you have NO BUSINESS DOING. Since you all have no muthaf-ckin respect, you don’t know what you are doing. You betta watch out for the streets. See I’m back in the hood in these streets. Where you gone be at?”

She adds:

“This is to all you brand new hoes on the show, You ain’t sh-t and you NEVA gone Be shit. When you see a rich b-tch like me in the hood in these streets of Atlanta, watch your step. These producers ain’t in the streets. And don’t think what you are doing is cute on the show. I’m right here in the streets. Come out to these streets and lets see?”

Oh no, there’s more:

“Run and tell them that…you ain’t sh-t and you NEVA GONE BE SHIT! How you like that now BITCHES! You all think you real cute on the show doing all that shady shit. Keep my name out your mouth and my beef cakes. I’m laughing my way to the muthaf-ckin bank. And don’t think I don’t have a list for every last one of yo bitches! TRUST ME…The get back is REAL!”

Joseline Hernandez didn’t stop there, she continues to FIRE SHOTS at the newbie cast members Lovely Mimi and Jasmine Washington!

“And you thought a muthaf-ckin bitch was corpse! I’m here to let you know…I’m the muthaf-ckin bitch, your daddy want me, your brother want me, your man want me, everybody want me! I the muthaf-ckin smartest bitch in the streets! Y’all can start talking to me when you start doing your own shit and stop being a bobble head. Stop listening to those stupid producers telling you what to do! We don’t want to see you on Peter Street because we gone slap the f-ck out of you! You know what I mean?”



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