Did Jasmine Washington Fabricate Kirk Frost Pregnancy Story?

Did Jasmine Washington Fabricate Kirk Frost Pregnancy Story?


In the coming weeks all will be revealed about Kirk Frost dirty dawg ways. Kirk looks like a heathen in the first two episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 6, but it appears the story will unfold the truth.

Find out more tea about Jasmine Washington and who Rod Bullock really is to her. Get the tea on the flip…

Did Jasmine Washington Fabricate Kirk Frost Pregnancy Story?

CelebNReality247.com got in our feelings about Kirk Frost cheating and allegedly knocking up LHHATL newbie Jasmine Washington.

If this is true, then Jasmine Washington and Rod produced a great story line that apparently got us all.

“I’m not tryna stunt, I’m just telling you the truth I swear.. #lhhatl” – Jasmine states!

Jasmine debunks he story that its her boyfriend Logan’s baby. She weighs in saying this after a post surfaced online saying that she FAKED the whole thing. It’s Logan’s baby, NOT Kirk’s!

Washington writes:

“When the hatin’ don’t work they start tellin’ lies.. #mychocolatedrop ? #wegood”

So, we ask, Is Jasmine Washington lying about Kirk Frost?

At this point we are unsure about Jasmine Washington making this up about Kirk Frost! We are only two weeks into the new season and we already have the REAL on Jasmine. Could that be right?

So who is Rob Bullock?

Well Rod Bullock is Mimi Faust ex (the girl can pick’em right?). Anyways, Rod is a guy that Jasmine is currently with, but rumors claim that he is also her alleged pimp. There is NO proof that those claims are true.  Here is what we’ve learned about the whole thing, this according to an inside source.  Apparently, Jasmine, Rod Bullock and a man named Logan are being accused of setting up Kirk and Rasheeda.

According to an insider close to the LHHATL camp, they are spilling the tea a little early on about Jasmine and Kirk’s love child.

The source reveals:

“Jasmine Washington, the woman who claims that Kirk is the father of her son has had a boyfriend by the name of Logan for 11 years. Logan’s father, who passed away was named Cannon. Rod Bullock, who is Jasmine’s pimp and was recently released from federal prison did not know that Jasmine was seeing Logan and himself at the same time. Jasmine actually told Logan’s mom that she was pregnant and she named her son Cannon after Logan’s deceased father. She also admitted that Cannon is not Kirk’s baby.”

The source adds:

“In upcoming episodes, this information will be revealed as Jasmine and Rod are trying to set up Kirk. Once Rod found out Jasmine was pregnant, he told her, ‘Let’s take advantage of this Love & Hip Hop opportunity.’ However, he didn’t know about Logan at the time. Jasmine then changed the spelling of her son’s name to a ‘K’ because all of Kirk’s kids’ names begin with the letter ‘K’ after him.”

Did Jasmine Washington Fabricate Kirk Frost Pregnancy Story?

Kirk has denied being the father of this baby and he was allegedly ready to pay her $5,000 to “disappear.”

The source concludes:

“This is hardly Jasmine’s first run-in with this type of incident, as our source adds she was “ran out of her hometown for trying to set up and swindle other men.” “When Logan (the real father of the baby) shows up to film a scene about this entire situation, Jasmine is blindsided and runs out the room because she realizes he is about to blow up her entire false story. Jasmine had no idea the producers dug up her ex-boyfriend.”

If this reveal is true then, Mimi Faust is right, Rod Bullock is still a scam artist, a hot one. And Jasmine is no better. Which means that they came up with this story line to stir the pot and get on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

Well we can say this now. Like Joseline said, “what are you going to do next year when you can’t do LHHATL7?”

What do you believe?

We are filing this under RUMOR until more details reveal TRUTH! Plus it came from the RUMOR MILL.

What have we learned? If you go to strip clubs make it rain, or drops some cash on the ladies. If you have something going for you leave the ladies in the club. Don’t take them home or have sex with them, because you don’t want to be thrown into the public eye like Kirk Frost.

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