Hazel E Attacks Chanel West Coast Then Backtracks

Hazel E Attacks Chanel West Coast Then Backtracks


Once again Hazel E shows everyone why no one wants to work with her and why she’s back on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 3. From her cradle robbing 18-year-old Rose Burgandy to being totally unprofessional on the set of Chanel West Coast’s video.

Read on to get the tea Hazel E and why she is now “regretting” attacking Chanel West Coast….

Hazel E Attacks Chanel West Coast Then Backtracks

Ok, so you might remember Chanel West Coast, she was signed to Young Money, but all that got messed up when Birdman blocked Lil Wayne, so Chanel ended up indie.

That was 2011. Fast forward to now, Chanel West Coast is one of the newbies on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. She has been linked to Nicki Mudarris who hooked her up with Safaree. Since then the two have been working in the lab. Safaree thought it might be a good look to bring in Hazel E and her “so-called” girl power movement. We guess no one told Safaree her girl power movement was all about the Hazel E show.

Rose Burgandy has motives:

Anyways, if you didn’t catch the tea, her young hung and ready to smash beau Rose Burgandy proved that he’s smashing her to be put on. Obviously he’s getting tire of his 37-year-old surga-mama. He made it obvious when he sounded off that her was getting tired of the Hazel E show. Then asked when is she going to help him with his career. Like we said before LA is filled with plastics with motives and agendas.

Hazel E Fight Details:

Moving forward, Safaree didn’t realize bringing Hazel E into the mix, meant allowing her to takeover his video shoot. He was NOT expecting it to go down like that, because Hazel didn’t even give him a treatment. We all know you need a treatment so everyone is on the same page before making a music video. Not only that, NO ONE in the industry just says hey you have to learn this choreography minutes before shooting. The artist and the crew are informed a day before and you would get there a few hours before shooting.


Hazel E is so unprofessional from the word jump it’s a joke. This is what we do. We’ve shot several videos in our career and if there was ever anyone like Hazel running shhh, she’d be FIRED! She reminds us of a certain woman who ran crap pages. She was clueless from jump, need our someone on our teams help, then tried to smear his name to make herself look good. She’s a back-stabber and liar and ver du’Shady.

Hazel E Attacks Chanel West Coast Then Backtracks

Hazel E is all of that same tea we just spilled. She attacked Chanel West Coast and then jacked her video shoot to make her own. Katt Williams ex showed her true colors on set and let’s be real, there’s no coming back from that!

Now, Hazel is trying to backtrack like Baller Wives Stacey Chambers, after she decided to be petty and foul to the other wives.

Hazel went on social media and admitted that she was wrong for her actions:

Hazel E Attacks Chanel West Coast Then Backtracks

Fast forward to now, since the episode was filmed some time back, she and Chanel are cool now. Haze posted this on her Instagram:

“Wit da hommie @chanelwestcoast ?”

Hazel E Attacks Chanel West Coast Then Backtracks

Later, Nikki and Alexis want the tea about her new man. That is when she admits that she’s NOT sure if its love or is he just a crutch?


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